Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Agent Theory

Have you ever caught yourself speaking like someone else?
Maybe a tone in your voice coming out like someone you know?
A motion of your body , similar to someone you know?
Have you ever become angry because of someone else?
Have you ever felt something by anyone or anything?

Ofcourse you have!

Its the agent that's inside you from meeting, hearing, seeing this individual!

Sometimes in life , our subconscious and self awareness is so deep, that we are unaware of what we are hindering and accepting , what we are projecting and broadcasting.
For being next to or and aside someone for prolonged times or instants can be suspended , even within the realm of your own body and the realm of time.
Such as "I spend alot of time with Yoshi......" , and after a few days.... "I caught myself talking like him!", or "That man in the street with the purple shirt, left a big impression on me".

Thats the Agent Theory :)

That we are impressed and involved with everything we do always.
Anything and everything that brushes aside us at all times....reality hits us and yet do we understand it?
It is always a part of us , and even if we dont know it, it is inside us.
An actual part of us!

To understand this concept is to know awareness what it is.
To understand that life is conversed by senses and awareness, the mind, matter and time.
Is to believe and know that everything is affected by everything, and that the cyclone of life has begun with me and willit end through forever time.

To notion the concept of "I" into way, and to believe and know that "Us" is forever "We", for to begin with "I", is to know truth.

Lets say for instance , we are in our working environment , and there are many people in our working environment. Men, women, even dogs and cats.
There are so much and many particular and peculiar objects, to resolve and calculate, as the people that are living and working around us, the surroundings, the possible artwork around us. Even the color of the walls and carpet.
That we are un-aware of what slides into us and sticks with us. What evolves in us and around us, developing in our subconscious to further later on in our outward external consciousness, behavior, speach, movement and character.

The Agent Theory is aboat.
For it is very easy to impress an individual , and especially a human, more so that animals are not that impressed by what you do daily, and are more receptive to reality, for they have a sharper brain, a smaller one, making it more receptive and much more simple to receive faith knowledge and blessing. Acute attuned and unique.
For the animal mind , is more focused on what is at hand and most important, much more receptive to feelings and emotions and much more comprehensive on actions.


We all know that when we finish work , sometimes it can be difficult to a point where we are unable to repress and forget all of the characters, events and individuals we encounter during the day.

Our vision and mentality are pressured and influenced by our work material, and other factors. Our mind and its variables, saught for and seen, dealt with and thought upon. The many factors and "things" that disturb us during the day and affect our livivity.
To establish what we can call "premise", "sanctuary", "private", "mine".
To differentiate our lives from what we see from stature and reality , from to what we establish as "dominance" and the ability of realms, to know sorter, to dictate and be in control of our own reality, mind and life.

For many outward officials and determinations can become a part of our reality, if we do not see fit to think them through , unaware of their affect on to you.
The ability of these variables to become a part of your lives, thoughts and even dreams, with you, completely un-aware of them.
Some might call them "subliminal messages" , yet I am moreso to speak of the Human factor , the heeds and seeds of what we call heat, love, passion, thought and arrest.
All of these things , including lesson , self contemplation , reflection , comparison and the orb of to which and where self character , personality and identification is produced.
All within the mind, that is drived by the soul.

The ability to know brush and to side with self always, within self to reveal the truth.


When one reflects into self , el takes much into contemplation, much to thought and nuance , the pension, much to finder his wist and fathom of is way , much to be of himself and to ponder through out his way in the galaxy.
This life is splendid with all being , and to all what is all , is life.

So with then do we ponder life in its splendor , enjoying it and be-rectifying it as along the way.
This is the be-essence of life.
Thought , sway , love and happiness.
And to find these things , we must encounter other beings , entities and humans ,sounds and sights, to find our way and our uniqueness in order to leave our step feet in the galaxy and become divine.

We can understand this concept , when we dig inside of us , and "see", "listen" and "hear" the ones and individuals, people. We reflect and contemplate our life on , for they are not only figures in our mind, yet Agents.

To reach full purity and bliss, one must find himself in the universe and life to obtain and receive ultimate divinity and reach to climb the highest degrees of it, thus removing all agents from self and understanding the ability of one's self , and releasing himself from all other objects, to finally find himself and yourself, and to exist in full awareness and purity.

Allthough steps and levels of awareness all do continue through out life, and steps, phases and degrees of divinity are endless and up-roaring , it is never to late to begin.

The fight of obtaining freedom of mind and spirit is long.
To reach every funnel by every particle of our day and desect it , take it a part and analyze it.
It takes much mental strength to gain these abilities and freedom's, from which what pain and suffering called work does it begin.
The smallest notion, idea or memory from our day, life, past, childhood and so on, needs to be revealed and relieved, to reach reconcile and rest, to be resolved.

This is the work at hand, and it is hard and tormenting for the mind itself to work and torment so much time on thinking and speech, to listen to our voice inward and out and revealing the truth to ourselves.

It is no easy task, yet requires much desire and faith , much strength and stubbornness, to continue and desect all factors , to rip apart all figures and motions within our brain and thought, spirit, time and essence.
To reveal one, and recheive divinity.

A battle none the less, yet a great one, with great experiences and profit.


The agents that accompany us daily can be figures, idea's , songs.... , hinders of quints... and specialities called imagination , for they winder our way and sway with us where ever we go , accompanying our mind and breath , our way of life and our walk.

So say the least; that one , through out his days , can think and feel that his mother is walking with him everyday , pastoring him , looking over him, watching his movement and corresponding his thoughts, in to which a conciseness comes in, the greater good, the lesser evil in all do what we contemplate and think of which is better and forget to best the other.
Thus making this person, never alone, for he is in a plane where imagination is accompanying him, in the figure of his mother , or his favorite celebrity, that is hovering above and watching, contaminating the mind and confining the one from reaching himself, making "one" further away and more distant, for you cannot be one with two.

Same way you cant be three with four. =]

To understand these agents, is to reveal our thought to ourselves, and the pin point algorithm of every thought.

For every thought is sourced from somewhere , it is from some point or place, a singular thought or feeling, picture, idiom or ideal , that is the root base to a continuum of chains algorithms that continue forward and grow. As a 1 for and before the 57,843.
The algorithm being your brain , beginning from thought, involving soul, and evidently, your own perspective, reality and identity.

The source of every thought and the truth behind it...

For we can say "I love Bob Dylan" , yet the truth behind it is "I am miserable" .
For this is the truth behind the agent called "Bob Dylan" in my soul and perspective.
For when ponder "Bob Dylan" is to reflect inward , to contemplate myself, compared to the art, and thus always and evidentially feel the way we are and the way we can be, when we reach the root of every man, woman, artwork and variable (thought, feeling) that we can fathom and understand.

So as thif that "Bob Dylan" as an Agent, eventually inthrives me with passion and motivation , thus making "Bob Dylan" a very good and positive Agent.
For if "Bob Dylan" would make me feel suicidal, or depressed, thus making him a bad Agent within me.

For the core essence of this Agent or any Agent, is absolved with positive and\or negative constructive\destructuve ideals and issues, creating a plus or minus within the end of its strand.

A wish that in may, all Agents were positive , and would make us feel positive.
That all Agents and variables in existence would make the uprise be more possible, for our chin to lift up and say "Im trying to reach my nose" .

And not any of the latter, that leave us with bitter or negative Agents, those that accumulate into our rear, and grow shadows within the darkness, create and gain negativity.

For from many Agents, the mind and spirit contaminated, as a twister within the wind, appending many others objects, becoming a hard and difficult place to rule.
Where it is must to roll back and resolve all issues and agents from within self and one.


To retain ourselves , and relieve ourselves from agents , one must be completely aware of self, and thought, within mind and body, to reveal him or herself to him and herself, as a way of shedding our own masks within ourselves.

This is a very difficult ordeal, for one cannot even fathom the foundations of truth that are boweled deep down in their kingdom , for the one truth can be so excruciating and humiliating, so dumbfounded, that one cannot proclaim the fathom of continuing this excruciating and difficult ordeal of work...

For revealing one's truth can be a grotesque horrific experience, to understand how idiot and stupid a one can be, how retarded and shallow, how disgusting evil and egocentric one can be, deep down in the bowels of the soul.

All residing in truth.

As myself, to reveal my lessons from earth and knowledge , life...

It is not a difficult ordeal to pass through into the other world, yet a hellish one.
A terrible and excruciating ordeal to process.
To reveal one's soul to within his own mind, to become aware to our filth, demons, lack of intelligence, greed, sex, fear and hatred, is to find a true side of our spirit soul and personality.

Much will find it hard and demolishing to accept these truth's into self, for we battle as humans to remain and regain faith, to stride and be better people.
For as fear , cannot be rebelished or dominated without the use of fear, causing a gut so bowel, it can turn times and turn itself, making the process even a more difficult ordeal.

For as people, we do not demonize ourselves at all and not nearly enough.
We do not take our negativity and "bad side" into the truth and light, for we are lazy and fearfull to deal with it.

We portray blame and relativity always to relieve ourselves from judgment, especially self judgment.

The common person is always his own vindicator and his own redeemer, that if such a person commits crime's or mal conduct, even disrespectful thoughts and notions, he is never cruel enough to punish himself, mentally or spiritually.

For a person believes that the stature of good and bad exists within himself, with no regard to the outside world or universe.
Creating a steady plane of equality, for "If they didnt do this work, why should I?"

We run away from educating ourselves, and we have no discipline what so ever regarding life , and its moments , moment after moment , time after time, minute after minute, to always be aware of your thoughts, time and location.
To conduct breath within light , and thought within virtue, always at all times.

As for , if the human is his own best friend, he cannot ever be a fair juror or judge, not on his own part by any chance, though only on the counterpart of others, and then, a very peculiar event happens.

For one that has no self judgment onto himself, tends to release all fury and judgment on another at the moment he is able and is empowered to, thus releasing the vengeance and fury of his own self, onto another.

All while all judgment and ridicule, mocking, diminishing, teachings, lessons, and "old school" advice and experience, are passed on to others, instead of self.

As if so, If I was an Agent in your soul, body and life, I would have too much and so much to spoil on , for there is being no work done within the spirit of self.
I would be such a large influence, due to your void.
As a "Karmatic Parasite" within your essence and life.
For the unaware, are unaware.

Even though that demonish character is well founded within us, although concealed with regularity. Ran away from, to not deal with, to not look anger fear and evil in the eye, misery and pain.
For to not deal with the bulk of the work at hand.

A refuge...
The majority of people compare themselves to others, and take refuge in the lesser evil.
They shake their head and differ topic , their abstain from thinking about the evil and difficulty for it is "painful" or "hard" for them...to look sad in the mirror and know what your downside is, and deal with it.
All thus, when never, dealing with the satan that is well deep founded within the "I".

These are all parts of the truth , that one must realize and purify in order for them to lead a divine life and experience the other realms and realities divinity has to offer us.

The more foremost , to find one.

To fix it.

The agents, that accompany us, can be malice or productive, it is all depended on the essence vary and variable of the carrier itself to which self reflect.

Look at it as "Karmic Relay" and\or simply "Energetic Transference", to which if you wish.

Yet all we see is all we have, for so the blind can shallow.


This is life.

In life we have many counterparts to deal with, many absorbents and ideals to contemplate, many living forms around us to understand, to live aside them and with them, without harming them with any false livivity or contemplation , any bad or tad of violence.
To be able to deal with everything, and anything, to be able to stomach the ideals and opinions of others, of yourself and your life.
To know infinite criticism and still arrive.
To be able to carry the ridicule of others, the gossip, the taint.
All of it. All of the filth of others, onto self. To carry.
And win.

To answer every question.
To know every word.


Agent number 0.631 - The person that you see when you buy chocolate milk at the store.

Yet, you dont think of this person really, he is not a part of your life.

Allthough that if you are at home, and desire a chocolate milk, thinking about what you need, desire, from the world and life, you plan and go get what you need from the store and life.

In very short sessions , in bits of essence ,and miliseconds, do the unaware see themselves ,and the notion of their mind and spirit.
For one is more on display when not attending life, in those miliseconds of thought, then when portraying it, for both times , are life in whole.
In a sermon of 5 hours , and a snaps of 3.1 miliseconds of imagination.

All life is interconnected always, and to any knower, is the know of obsolete, that there is never a time to recoil and understand that this is a place where abusive planning can take place.
Where you can plan , how to manipulate others.
For the moment you see the scene, it has already left your mind.
Your face and persona, your act.
It is already gone, within the wind, for the aware to catch, as a red robe before your nose.

You contemplate life, and your behavior, as in what you would say to that person , behind the counter, and register, how he would act, and you plan what you would say, and how you will act...
When you get to the store, you execute.
On your thoughts, your phony smile and quint, and then you say "Well , done that".
As a task to accomplish.
A devil.
To not hurt anyone's feelings by letting them realize that you simply do not care for them.
Masking. Lying. Abusing and using.

This , is "Agenting" and basically , lying.
Stealing, conniving, living in shadows, be lest, grave, grief and be wilder.

For to contemplate someone, is to know their life, and all their splendor and life, to dig on one's self another is to be there for them.

For you are good enough to think of the man or woman behind the counter , yet not good enough to say hello , from the bottom of your heart.

For they are an Agent in you, and you have instilled an Agent in them, by both beings, being completely indifferent from one another, and shy evasive, contemplating their own lives, while being oblivious to each other, and robbing the essence of their life from one another.

Creating war and rift, instead of collaboration and love.

For "Agenting" the right way, is to simply feel awkward and alone, silly and amused.
By buying that chocolate, with all of your discomfort, and quirky smile.
To be least, at least....the truth.


All the while , an Agent can be good and well , as myself and others, that contemplate all the splendor of life and way of life of others, and understand their heart, how to be with them and love them, understand their vague and shallow, understand their deep and dwell, to bain with them and be one with their heart, to fear whatever they hollow and bain.

For what to ever born to we alone ourselves to allow what we see as fit for people, and their lives , for what we see as just and virtue, for what we see as theirs and their follow life, their hollow and their best.
To see what we see fit for them, and the love they must receive and deserve.
To have gift from life to begin.
Begin everyday and everymoment as a new one, for anyone and everyone deserves love, for you need to be ready to project it at all times, even within silence itself.
For love to be your sphere and aura.
To let it spread around you, like a wave of intelligence and warmth.
Like a proud warrior of love and truth.
To vibrate vibrance of love always.

With everyday that hollows, that passes by and begones, the best way of splendorous and tenderness to known to man, to way in love and passion, to hollow in god and belief and love one another for what we are and who we are and what we are...

To understand that thinking of someone, is feeling of them, for our Agent is far to low for us to understand, and our subconscious free, open to all for read, as the human being is much more evolved than you know, much evolved from tend to believe, for all hollow secrets known to man are within own, and to thus such secret to all known and believe that we are one with humanity and love, to all know what we are for one-all.
For when we think, we feel, as so the other.
That is the truth.

It is our virtue to spend gift with one another, for our hollow spirits are one of virtue to infuse and connect spirits, to believe in the value of life.

We are all subconscious, we are all "communicators" and we know this best one within self as "thinkers" or "imaginaries", yet we know our gut feelings when we think of them, and this is the truth, the ones that we are are able to know and understand things beyond this world, and feel hearts as ever known, to faith and love one another, on all faults and hinders, to know our faults and pastures, our past and belief, our sin and love, our hatred, our perversion, our sickness, our satan and hell, our dormants of pasture. the lafe of wand and creef of lease.

These are all places , where we know where we are , and we know what the other is.
Where the other is.

We know each other , perfectly.
Yet we never arise to the occasion.


The Agent.

The one that we remember, the many.

Our reflection towards them.

Our lessons from them inward and outward.

Our lies and life, when not telling them we think of them.

The way we learn from them.

Our feelings running forth and back from them.

We learn, we uprise, we take the wit from our lives and know them, yet never repay the gift.

The Agent theory - 1=1=\infty

As when a young striding individual greets you in the morning, smiles to you, gives you a warm long hug, and accommodates your day with brushes of gifts, and compliments, giving bright message and kind word.
Then disappearing within his day, continuing his profit.

As when we see an unattractive person or misfortunate person in our day, and say:
"God bless me for not being them".

To take comfort in not being them , "Thank god im not them" .

That is the Agent theory, that one person, can instill themselves in you, without you even thinking, repaying them in light, with karmic delight, and leaving you abound to trashter, and in disaster, for when you abuse an entity in life, you owe them.

For to the unaware, all thoughts cost money, all feelings are written down, all emotions are flies of time, looking up abound the ground.

To this example, of one taking comfort and pleasure to the "shortcomings" of another, thus in bliss, he is in debt to the person he used for his uprival, and his own blessing.

For to use another's entity and life presence for your own beneficiary, regardless of time and stature, relation of what sort, is crime.

An Agent must be respectful to other Agents.
In our mind, we know mut, we know love , laugh and death.
We know how to ridicule others, and step on their feet, in our mind, and yet we also know how to give and respect.
For an action done in our mind, is as good as reality itself.
A divine legal stature.

In our mind.

What I give , Is what I own.


We know all this.

In the karmic relay of life, we cannot alone others to use and spend our life energy when thinking of self, yet relay and rely on the fact that we are good passengers and reflectors, that we shallow the deep and understand that our love and desire is one of love laugh and power.

That our reflection and love is one of we are, and we cannot reflect our desires into the world and others in foe, for we need to lead and be one, alone ourselves from others to be "I" and love.
To be one.

We cannot reflect anything negative, for we feed the negative worldwide.
We cannot indulge in negative thinking, for we are feeding the world and universe with our core essence thought feeling.

If your body, soul and mind were in charge of the universe...
What would you do?

This is the journey of every being, and they way we live life is the one we choose to see fit.

Fit to our morals and tend of responsibility for life and other life forces, the way we spend splendor in life and our way with worse. To realize that this is life, and even the deepest secrets of the me are in air.

Your thoughts , are open.
Your soul is LOUD.
It is much well be heard.
For the aware.

We are talking, even when we are asleep....to the aware : all souls are boundaries, waiting for the taking, a soul as a threshold to visit, enlightening and forgiving, belate the the poundry of their meat, a person as gifted as a soul, a skimmer of cloud.

Easily enough, to let someone believe or think that they want to skip when walking, and they will.

Awaiting a bliss, for anything to take them, or elate them.

You are talking, even when you are asleep, your soul is talking.

To the aware : Message can be done with you, easily as thinking.
The note to know you, is to one you, and control or influence your desire and thought.

Your mind, your thought and your crime are open and well read for desire.
They are seen upon and contemplated, for your face holds no secrets, and your perversion and crime is well known to the aware.
Enough to have a glimpse.
Your soul speaks remote, and nothing is ever far from observance or review.

Know this.

In your life, you are awake.

Nothing or anything of your own can ever be of your own, if you wish, because it is splashed through the galaxy, and the universe, to a point where you are interconnected within the faith and life itself.


The one you see as all mighty, the thing you hold to heart, is vibrant as your life, done twined in tone, twone, with anything essence of your life, the way you walk your earth, move your limbs and breath your voice, the way you tend your body, and the throbbing existence of your soul , is agenting, parading around the universe.


This is "The Agent Theory" -

For you are not alone in life, until reached enlightenment, and you do not know anything, unless you know the truth, for my lone is in my pasture, and who is here to ajoin me?

They wafe, they what, the come camper camer the daught, and in what way do they ess me?
For never do they whim, in bay, for ester.


This is "The Agent Theory"

To all that you see, contaminates you, for all that you hear contaminates you, for all that you know is contamination and influence, for your way and purpose, is to give others, with hinder and faith, wink of an eye and tone of voice, small present and gift, knowledge of know, care, love , sight, and thought for thought is prayer, and always beaming.

Subconscious, in your tight, you will give to others, with your presence alone, as an Agent amongst many.

To give positive resound within life, and to give well and be well, for others and self.


The Agents...

To say, that all that we read, all that we see and hear, is a karmic relay of the temporary.
The creator itself, of this material, as in the author, his life, the Agents and the world that the author is exposed to, the world the author is exposed to and the manner and way of his life, the authors world, the guitarists world, the artists world.
As a peice of art, that gives the bowel of the creation, for inspiration and contemplation.
As your step foot along the street.

As an karmic algorithm, escalating always with the fire of life, the way they peed the seed into way of life, and the escalation of it.
As a tumbling sphere, gaining weight and escalating, plummeting forward with sphere.

One author writes about a political ordeal, yet in his words, the karma and energy of his life.

Similar and to regard with "Graphic Text Perception", the essence and body energy of one is connected and relayed into the text itself, the message and writings itself.
The art itself, as every word or notion ever done with you, done by you, is a force and threshold for others.

An author of an article in the New York Times, may be done with by reporting the "Sky Diving Surface" in Northern Afghanistan, yet his writings, in tone and undertones, will be speaking of his misfortune in life. His current mood of discontent and unhappiness, and to the unaware, this Agent will spend time within your body and soul, reveal itself to your mind and consume what it see's fit to your own mental strength and awareness.
As though you can read about Sky Diving, yet underneath the relay, is a life, moving its way inside you.

As people that are conveyed through ad's or commercials for their weakness of the mind , one's that are led and herd into way within control and swindering wit, the solfice into wendering them, time and essence , the feed it devours who is weak in mind, swaying them and profaying them, taking them along the way with the herd , as well do Agents can achieve.
The swift take of many souls and minds in one instant, with one notion or event, to instill yourself into one's mind and agenda, and spend time to dwell in that soul and decide what you see fit.

As an agent, your roots in knowledge and life must be strong, and wise, for not let your spirit and body energy swept away by other characters, notions and times.
It is wise for you to know your own and be yourself, where ether you go.
Thought is must do arise and important, it is the primary tool to find stability and ground within your life itself , for to live for others and in others, absorbed or tainted by others, is to be in pain, and a passionate slave.

For the Agents around you, are all subdued aswell, by other agents.

The wind touching the flowers, the flowers spreading pollen, the insects carrying the pollen, that evidently get smacked by your newspaper. :)

For to be alone, is to be enlightened, and to release yourself from all other organisms in life.
To do so, is to know, your mother is an Agent, your father is an Agent, your blood is an Agent, and even yourself, your own identity is an Agent against yourself.

I wish for you to be a good Agent, and to realize your effect on the world, even from your siting point right now, you are transmitting, vibrating, resounding.

For you are divine , and anything ever.


The Agenting

Judicial karma within life, or divine law.

One must realize his judicial agreement with the galaxy and universe, for it is his and her's agreement with life and nature, as to what if have of its own , and to what virtue will it exist.

The testimony of the soul is all that truth can be within self, the best and worst of self in full awareness, in decay and triumph, the both ends of the scale done from within.

Only one , in his deepest places of judgment knows what is true , false, virtuous and filthy.
And to that judgment, one will see out his paper and conduct within his existence, with the almighty.

The paper, in which one has testimony, within his faith and knowledge, to become one and elite, divine, to have his own way with life and be one. Receive ultimate grace from the high and above , and give back to the ground in way of virtuous prosperity.


Let us say, that we are thinking and absorbing about one person that works with us : "Charles Maltese", now Charles is long and lanky, skinny as a sheet of paper, we have never seen him interact with women and perhaps never seen him behave dominantly anywhere.

If I , as an individual , am speaking about Charles, or thinking of him...I am in debt to Charles , in meta physical and divine judicial planes, terms and courts.
For to think or speak of someone, must be done under mutual agreement, none the less it is abuse of a spirit and individual.

For in the Torah aswell in dharma, the essence of justice and pay is ever ending.
It is a playground of divine thought, to understand what comes from where, and how the chain, or a chain, released itself.
How the beginning comes to an end .

Where flaught came to believe he was flying , and why pastery is hun on ground.

The idea and essence that anything is sourced from something, thus making it in debt and respect to the father or for bringer of the things, as a seed for a flower or a song for a dance, the flower in debt to the seed and the dance in debt to the song, all this within the while affecting the inner most places a man or person can exist, within the realm itself, a simple notion as a facial frown or tone, can affect another with sound distance and become a natural part of his or her's life, as a ripple effect within the soul itself.

Thus making all of us responsible for the life around us, for everyone and everything is affective by anything and everything else, making one and us in need to realize that our awareness level must rise and climb, in order for us to instill more positive agents within reality itself, to create a better world.

The karmatic and judicial responsibility is large and steep, for one to give his essence to the world , is simply to be , yet unaware , even the most ignorant , are shaping the world as we see it, and if to their knowledge or not, they are affecting me and my surroundings , by creating and resounding their essence and passion, their intellect and spread onto me and the world itself.

Thus , I call for all people, to rise up and awake into a wider span of awareness, to realize the faith and love within the world that resides in you, and resonates through time spirit and space, to create a more loving and hugging world, a slower world and more humane.
To create a world that is made from acceptance, humor and faith...and to realize that we are all responsible for each other, for we are all...Agents.



Who are you?

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