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Graphic Text Perception

The mind. The eyes. Our soul.

To start and begin , we can personify the fact that perception is unique, and to all perception there is a holder, a holder of one.
This one , holds himself to regard into anything and everything that he understands, percepts and interprets.

Our minds are primarily the tools that a-gift us, the mind allows us into realizing all that is true and in reality , all that is existing and all that we know , it is our foundation and our boundary.

To understand how and why we know the things we know, how we choose to know them, what we choose to know and how our interceptive perception comes about , we need to dig.
To dig first into the construction of the human mind, body and temperate, and forest to end with the spirit, hence the soul, hence the personality and to finish with the "simple" notion as the person we have at hand.

At first , lets exclaim and look into what we call perception.
this is a link to a picture :

Now , let us think , what do we see in this picture?

Your answers , install here : ______________
One person will answer : "I see a boy" , the other, "I see a boy looking at a flower" and the third will answer "I see a boy in nature".

And thus why, is the question.
Why? .... From one solid picture, one frame, one image , can become multi percepted and adduced with more than one interpretation?

Is it because of the perception itself , conducted by one individual , that is solely and unique to whonm itself.

One can realize and feel one thing , from an image or textual structure , to indite himself with his own primary feelings , thus when we encounter images, or text in any way , we are looking solely at ourselves and our own, for only special and well trained entities are able to contradict self , and uplift self from spirit , thus reading and observing image and text , from a levitated state and position.

Thus being said, when one, or I...looking at this picture of a "boy with a flower", emotion's rise from the depth of the soul itself , cohencing the perception and vividity of the image itself to self reflect into us.

Meaning we are not looking at the picture , we are looking at ourselves.

As one , looking at this image, can feel hate,anger,love,happiness,bordem,lust and so forth. Thus pointing inward to many unsolved issues , hinders and points within the soul itself. For when one can convict himself while looking at an image , it is introverted externally , and not extroverted internally. So fourth the image itself , is blank, and to vour thouth perception is to dwell in self.

For example: We shall take 4 observants and interpreters to this image and record statement from them regarding their perception and interpretation.

The one : I think this is a beautiful picture , it resembles life and prosperity , the boy resembles mankind and the flower resembles nature, i think this picture is beautiful.

The second : This is a great picture, the boy , a farmer , a strong man living up and providing his woman with wealth and food , so strong and preserved, i very much enjoy it.

The third: This is an awful picture , I think that the usage of young models is against labor laws and should be stopped.

The fourth : I think this picture is ok , I think the boy will grow up to be a great farmer.

Thus , we have 4 different allocations to one location. A mingle of one's mind with its surroundings and confrontations. Thus making the image itself , a placebo. A slate of "visual me".

Thus this , is an example of reality itself , for we live in the same place, as any other , yet observe and contemplate differently , all while within the while , staring and looking at the same thing.

To name this , is to name difference, and to name difference , is to name war.
Yet not to proceed to different culture , I will bane the name at hand.

To realize this (our preference in perception) , we are at to blame, for we do not percept the initial image in its original form , yet enjoy release and contemplate to the fathom of our whim and soul.
Tainting the initial message from the image or text itself.

In order to reach or see , apprehend the message of an image or text , we need to funnel ourselves greatly , and to live in a non existent and non judging place and state, for to see clearly into an image or to read clearly any text , the notion of "I" needs to be absolved, for to feed off art, image, word and sound , to induce it into our selves and understand it fully, we must be open enough to the author and creator itself.

The lessons to achieve such a clarity are long, various and waiting.

I wish that further on , I will reach these points of hinder , to reflect myself and yourself to the world.
Moving on.....


In tence of Internet Text relay:

Since the days of the ICQ , conveying and conversing in the Internet has been disruptive to the human mind. All factors cannot be confused when not seeing a man or woman infront of you , not even listening to their voice , is a disruptive manner to the human mind, for it is obscure and anonymous, to not see, hear, or feel the presence of a one you are conversing with, can be very confusing and inhumane , as in being seated in a chair, blindfolded , listening to one speak out of a bottle, trying to converse.

A shaded digital mask , or a shadow of preference called remote messaging, contrary to formal letters, is that there is no trace of the essence of the human itself inside the text , for it is not hand written , and entirely conducted in remote and inhuman tools.

We can relay ourselves with hint and retort, word, and retort.

This is the actual fascicle of relay , one message follows the other.
For any form of unclarity of one message , the entire message is lost and is repummeled with convey of confusion and observance, for if one relay is distorted , the others following it, will be distorted as well.

Saying this , is not to hinder YOU, yet to explain what the outcome from heavy internet usage on the mind and the ability of the mind to converse , preoccupate and socialize during years and years to come, for a soul motion of a wave decades ago , can become a tsunami tomorrow , as say the least.
As in , our perpetuation of the usage of the internet deteriorates our soul and our ability to percept and converse in reality , it is a shedding tool that absorbs us and evolves us into heavier beings , ones that cannot percept their reality if not staring into it.
Creating a situation of obliviance , in which individuals and identities carry on today.

The contemplation of reality cannot be conducted in meta society , for meta is untouched and unseen , it is not a part of reality. To combine our humanly bodies with un humanly things , is to taint our lives with cold and unbearable thoughts.
To release ourselves from anything human, and to become cold. The message of one's derive cannot be explained through text alone , for the mind cannot read and intercept the message without voice or sight.
Thus meaning a letter written with hand of word , is much closer in terms of karmic relay and energetic perception , as a coin given for good luck from one to another, a face is remembrance and the skin, touching one vessel and conforming into another , is detachment of passion and love itself , moving from one body to the other. As in technological transference , coldness is at optimal and is not a proper procedure of relaying intent and feeling.
For there is no intent in the internet , simply chaos and obscurity.

Thus for example : Lisa says : "I am going to have a baby".
Yes though the sentence is read, yet the meaning, feeling and tension behind these words are alost for the mind to comprehend, thus making this statement oblivious for the note reader itself, leaving the reader to fathom in abandonment to understand its grasp about and in reality.

If these same words, were sent on paper , from one scriber to another , it would carry and maintain more thought than possible for the other to releive , for the skin , the body , touching the pen that is scribing the paper , is a closed circuit of electricity passing from one object to another, creating what is called "relay" , and perhaps , karmic relay and energetic relay from one warm body to another.

For the mind is personal plane of interpretation , this giving an example :
"I went to the place I love" , this sentence , will change meaning for every other reader, for every other reader , is a different person and a different mind, none the less to point the word "Love" that is essence of any human being on the planet , devicing itself to hone and experience itself and itself alone, for the contemplate the meaning of the word love is private and unique , it cannot ever be paralleled to any living force , or ever be compared to any other thing, for the word love has value as the amount of people on earth living. (and beyond people).

Thus , the mental abnormality and deformation occurs when one tries to contemplate to the meaning of things without instruction or direction , this throws the individual and mind into an abyss of wonder , leaving a stranded swimmer in the middle of the ocean. The swimmer being the person's reflect and thought , and the ocean being the possibility of thought and the meaning of textual imagery (solution). Thus mankind "I went to the place I love" an excruciating painful ordeal to contemplate or try to understand one's presentation and dictation of this statement.


Regarding the Bible :

The bible is the most predominant and mysterious piece of antiquity known to man , the most popular piece of writing in the world , read by the highest degree and amount of people worldwide, "The most famous book" as commonly said and known.
The essence of this book is widely contemplated , and thus returning to my initial question and point , there how to weather many minds into one solid image?
Is it because the image is vague?
No. It is because the interpreter , is mistaken.

Thus , The bible , made out to be the most complicated form of art or media in time and history , most coded and holy, the most difficult book to truly understand.
Is it because the book is truly and really that complicated?

For because when people look at something , that is supposed to be divine, their own weary is the force that absolves them from understanding, for to give too much respect to one thing , is to close your mind in weariness. Sometimes when people dont understand something , they think its clever , or hinders their inadequacy. Yet it only directs and points out the insecurity of one's self intelligence, for when you receive the telephone bill , and it makes no sense , do you adore it , admire it , give it respect , kneel?
No , you battle and fight , for you know the truth.
You call the telephone company , and you tell them , that you know the difference and that there is a mistake.
Same with the bible, you do understand it , your just weary in vain to speak on it, to go against it , or for it ... to use your own ability of intelligence to know.

To look at something , and to think "there are grater's than me" is a crime against yourself , for you are the ultimate being , and your eternity speaks out in your ability and capability to understand anything and everything.

It is because of the mind.

It is because the reader , is in a state , where his mind is contemplating the author , thinking "God" and being got in abyss, left and forgone in his own ponder, because one contemplates the author's intentions while reading , in a sort of "Multiple Comprehension Levels" , meaning that the reader is trying to understand the words, the story , the intent of the story , the story's message and then, the author, the author's intent , the authors message and evidently the author's secrets. Thus making a mistake by simply "Thinking to hard".

Thinking far to wide and way to deep , to fully understand the text at hand.

It is a form of relapse for the mind , when dwelling in multiple levels of contemplation and relapsing thought itself , while thought should be an astral plane , a stable astral plane...
If to look at thought , it would resemble a chart going up and down , thinking "God?" , the words in the book , the chart is sporadic, unstable , for the understanding of the word , is not solidified in the mind itself.
When understanding a word, any word, it rests at ease within the mind, and does not flicker the retort within the mind, yet resides in the mine with fine attune and resembles a heavy sea calm from notion.
As in for , so , to understand a word , any word, not only a word, a one should work on his comprehension skills, and be able to achieve anything while loving it and understanding it.

As in , if we shall take a verse from the bible , lets say collosians 1:11 - "Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness."

And take these words, and inject them into a comic book , or an orange juice commercial , will they be so vague? Mysterious? Coded? Immensely deep and riddled?

No , for they will be seen out for on different plane , thus relieving the human mind from the fear in respect to the text, for at times and for most people , reading scriptures of any kind or the bible is "above them" , for they do not even believe in themselves enough to understand the text , then how could they ever believe in god and in divinity to entirely understand the concept for the funnel of their lives?

As in , we refute ourselves , intentionally and unintentionally , regarding ourselves from spirit and putting ourselves down , without regard to our notion that we are capable of understanding, and we are able to love and understand each other , and anything possible in this world and above it.

Thus , for closure , (yet much more should and can be spoken) about the bible , I believe that in Graphic Text Perception , all is possible , even the most hidden riddle within words or images can become clear to one when he is funneled and complete within the work inside , his mind and thought are clear , and his essence is pure with love.

To see , is indifferent , and different , away to lone the truth and interfere with it , to know it and love it as truth , and falsify it. To waste away the hone that is me, and to be love, within every know or knowledge that is the truth , for when you are clear , your perception and capability become way longer than this world , and much more perceptive to the ultimate being , which is you and me.

You are capable.
The bible is a book , with words , same as looking at a picture of a muffin.
Now tell me...
What do you see?


On common levels : We read our friends status's, we read them and contemplate, we think...

We think.
We think.
We think.
We T-h-i-n-k.

What does this mean?

Thinking, in its essence , comes from the bowels of our souls , and thus from there climb up to ours utmost lip , our eyes , our skull and our mouth.
To realize and understand what thinking is , is divinity.

If one can achieve the state of preceding thinking , he will know and attain the truth, and will live in divinity itself.

If we look at a picture of our mother...
Can we sum up our interpretation with one sentence? One book?
One phrase? One gesture?
I think not , for the emotion that is risen from looking at a picture of our mother is endless , and it can not be contained within perception , it can be explained , thought out and given to someone in form of text or emotion, physical expression, yet the entire blossom of what we feel , and think from these pictures and images , can be immense.

Then , to compare a picture of our mothers to anything in reality, why do we differentiate?

For as humans , we think.
From this place of thinking , we are striding in all that we know , all that we believe in and all that we remember , all of our images rigged deep within our sub conscious , all of our experiments and traumas in life, all of our miseries and happiness , all of our funnel , to become one and essence within be. As a whirling pool , arriving and uprising at every moment along our day , creating the person we are.

To find a place , where images and words can be more perceptive, we need to cleanse our thought from the "I" , to relieve "I" of be.

When we preoccupy our minds with thought , we relieve them , and vessel make way for more happiness and thought within , when we dig and take apart every bit and piece from every thought , they absolve , and more room for light is created in the mind.
When we answer every single one of our deepest most mysterious questions within our souls and minds , we are uplifted and eased in existence.
As an Elephant feeling himself as a feather.

The notion itself , is to dig deep and funnel every one of our questions into answers , thus clearing the pathways in the soul and mind for greater and better perception.

As a human , if I wish to understand something it will take me much observation and inquiry to understand the matter at hand , if it is regarding the life of others or their message in life , it will not be an easy task to realize and understand the depth of one's life , with a simple picture or textual nuance , for as you know , to understand "I" is to know the world , for "I am the world and everything in it".

Today ,

Regarding perception , there is an illness in human kind during perception itself , it has funneled into a tight flake of material , there is no room to contemplate or god forbid , judge a human being for his relations or actions in the world. The graphic text perception has personified the living mind into tight planes of perception , relieving the mind of thought, creating an illness as "Instant Perception" , reflecting and regarding to one's self and self image.

The planes of thought and perception have become tight.
The minds are thinking more alike , the plate of where structure and belief take part , the place and plane where thought conducts itself is becoming less creative , emotion and thought are moving in the same directions , purity and unique thought is endangered by the times we live in and if thought was traffic, the highways are moving in the same lanes.

We as humans are no longer able to contemplate and infuse our mind with constructive and educative thought.

Thus creating a situation where obliviance and ignorance detains rule.

This is not a perception but an aviant truth to what we perceive today as reality , all when the while that reality and perception are outside and living faith of the real realm that we live in.

The personified faith of living beings has been infused with contemplated technology and drive to create a situation where we are prisoned of thought and faith as one.

Thought itself , has become a material of algorithmic science, and it is far to easy to expect and predict the motions and notions of others.

This must stop.

We can no longer as human beings understand the world while sitting in place.

Be free.
Regain sight , know all.

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