Friday, January 14, 2011

Criminal Thought - Criminal Entity - Soul and Crime

When we ponder in the essence of the mind and body itself, we can proclaim that the essence of body and spirit is one. Yet to find the truth, is to find the mal mechanic of the soul itself within the body and mind. The construction and faith to where everything is crossroad. The prostration of one self when not in equivalence to his inner being, soul and spirit.

A way where the mind and body express themselves in one way, and the soul in another.
A split contradiction between the mind body and spirit, all the way through thought and expression.

An example if which someone does not enjoy football , yet watches it everyday, to associate himself at the realms and ideals to what he seems to be true, to fill the fathom of ideal, perhaps the social constraint. As in "I watch sports, because im man", but inside I really dont enjoy it. A way into where someone is completely false to the depths of his soul, that on  the outward, eventually becomes shallow as the wrinkling reap.

This is a shame I believe, and a crime against society and self. For one to have discomfort in the way of his shadow, the seen contradiction between what they faith to be real, and what they actually do. The fine line to distinct truth and falsity, within the mind, spirit and body itself.

As one that does not enjoy being over weight, yet is always fighting the notion of it.
Regardless and well adue, the fact that if he lost weight, he would be much more complete and happy.
A fight within self to dominate self and live within the serenity and love forever, to actually live in being and not be in living, a completion of one self, when one can dominate his feelings to express and proclaim what he see's fit in this world to be best and yet for ester. None the less, the fact that you are fat, will not change.

An obvious contradiction and battle within the fight of one.
What makes his reality and realm, his life...unpleasant and unwanted by the higher beings of truth.
For everyone deserves to live a life full of peace and desire, a one blessed by the actual faith and posture of the love of god and entity.

The mind itself can commit many sins against mankind and faith if unaware.
To understand that the fathom of the faith is well beyond mind and fraction of wear.
To understand that "He" is everywhere and everything, the most containable force in existence, able to do anything and represent the take for being in to which where ender way.

A thought, is resound. A puddle ripple, a belief, a notion of a feeling, any slightest tidiest thing is in concept of the great, and the re-essence in it, is the way that we fathom ourselves and believe infront of god, the almighty caper.

To think one thing, and do another, is sin, and a reflect into the body itself. For when is only lying to himself when trying to proclaim itself into beauty, faith and vindication. For the beneficiary of the soul itself and its capture,...a way where we lie to ourselves only to feel high and mighty in the eye of retribution and others.
We conduct our own trial's, to always let ourselves easy off the charge. A superficial conviction that the depths of the soul are equivalent and similar to the same taste as the exterior. We hold no crucial judgment against ourselves, not even the be fair with truth.  Ultimate truth, and personal truth.
The way to know and love the earth and life, to reside in ultimate truth and be the one that you want to be. Without any reflect or distaste.
A true essence and resemblance of one self.
Our words, motions and notions, all existing within the realm of truth.
Truth of one, and truth of god.
It is an upscale battle and reconnaissance to lift and uprise above evil and reach the highest realms of divinity within this life.

Who ever that is true, and exists in truth, is well deserved and honored with the faith and truth of god, that instills with you, the power and essence of the know and love itself, to see and feel what is true and forgiving, in this life and virtue.

A way that when the spirit body and mind are aligned, most evident progress is captured within the soul, and is greeted with heavenly earth.

To say to someone : "I support you" , and think "Crash and burn" is an evident crime.
A sight forward to all that is evil.

To say to someone "Yes" and feel "No" is a crime aswell, for the evident faith and perpetuation of culture must be on the lines of decency, respect and honor.
A civilized crew cannot move further onward to list crime within their way, for the are seeding and cultivating destructive culture and essence within the way of life.
A criminal force within the human kind and nature.
For lying, is dying.

A consequence of conduct and thought. Something that has no equivalence, no peer and no inhibitor.
The same way that you think about bad things, malice intentions and devilish prospects, is the same way you infuse them into the world.

The crime done, is within yourself and onto the world. How can you prostrate yourself to be better than others, and wiser than others, without thinking of the deviance done by you within thought, actions and words?

Are you absolved from mystery and deception? Are you not on the same trial that you convict others?

Do you understand the picture, where an individual thinks that he is abstained from judgment, while all others are detained? People without the contemplation of judgment? Conscienceless.
On the premise of "I against Them" , not realizing that he is the one committing the crime?

Your thought, is the judgment of the mighty.
Your speech, is the judgment of the mighty.
All while the true judge, is looking at nothing but an impersonator.

Anything that you sphere above your head must be well along the lines of faith and virtue, for you dont tend to believe that there is a "god" or ultimate being above you, and if you do,... how in the world do you allow yourself to conduct yourself in "Devilish Grace"?

Somewhere, that the distinction between good and evil, can be deluded and mixed with your own plea.
"I know I hate....but", when it is obvious, that you are not allowed to hate.
Groveling infront of the jury, plea copping and compensating.
When the smallest insect understands good from evil.


To think, is to know gratitude. To think is to know present and gift. To think is to realize that nothing is never your own domain, for you cannot even begin to proceed a thought, where your mind is open for the elite, and wise of faith. That are able to do anything within your mind and faith, in all due virtue.
You are completely un aware of your orb and flux. That you are a part of this world, and penetrating always further, the frequency and feel of your skull, soul and spirit are well aware.
To the line, where most human beings, are in the negative place.
You are so full of fear, and positive that your mind is your own territory, so you face the name of god...and pretend evil. All while being evil.

Take your mind and send it to space...
Check your emotions and wishes.
Dig in them.
You wish for death and kingdomship dont you?

Ofcourse you do, for you are egotistical, and think you are alone in life.
That your mind is your own and this world is lonely within existence.

How shameful and disrespectful to the jahlord himself, how pretentious to shame Allah and the Buddha, Christ, Judaism,... hell.... lets say David Hasselhoff.
You are alone. Riiiiiight.

Many know what you think of, how you are. Your truth.
They are strong with might and they capture in everything.
They know everything, and anything.
For you are not along the lines of faith, and you capture the devil , to think that he is a part of the godly.

I must be known and fact that your sway, your body and life is a pulse and a connector to all things.
Enter yourself and know the pulse that you are giving.
Dont change because somebody told you to, yet change for the greater good.


We all understand the laws of religion. Any religion. The toughness behind it, and the sacrifice that we need to heel and kneel infront of the lord or the all mighty, or flower underneath a tree.
To make it the way of best and for keep the best essence that we might glory in the name of faith and love.
We can no longer continue to excuse these facts on sectoral perception and belief, for time has known that all religions are alike, and we all have the same faith.

The good.

The thought and idea that all aspire for the same ordeals and ideals, and know the same tones and motions instilled within them, yet do not progress for others. For the contemplation of others is deluded with the idea of "They" against "I", is infused with the fear and woe of "Others"....without understanding the prostration in where the self revelation of one is in stand against the things that he hates most.To be truly righteous.
A way into way that some hold and carry themselves against the same ideals that they wish to see and thrive in.

It is self convicting, and self inditing.
To hold the ideals and hatred of one, for another, to another... and by yourself.
A reverse intent done by from the worthy, for the least , in the name of defamation and sin eradication.
Perhaps the battle of virtue and honor. Perhaps the aspiration of a better world, and the lack of faith and ability to spread these ideals and ordeals that we hold dearly and want to dictate to the entirety of mankind.

We need to be aware, that our tools of destruction, and our tools of eradication of evil and hatred must not be evil. Yet to fight fire with water.

We need to realize the faith that we posture, and understand that it is in all times.
Right now, then, before and after. It is the testimony of our heart and love in life. Right now, and tomorrow.

In no way can we dictate and carry ourselves within the faith of evil , and the thought of it.
For it is crimefull, and the detest of crime. The carry of it, and the strengthening of it.
We cannot long live and live within the thought and possession of evil thought and sway, for it perpetuates the hatred and evil.

So when you think that "others" are evil, you are strengthening that evil itself.

To commit crime, is not only a physical ordeal. It is spiritual. It is thoughtful. It is word of mouth. It is intent.
Heartily intent. Mindfully intent. Thought. Feeling. Intent.
Instantaneous existence. Where to your body and thought, your mind is blessing.
A beaking and sounding voice into the world.

You are the world and everything in it.

Know this.
Capture faith and neglect crime.

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