Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facebook - Lying Deceit and Criminology

It is well aware that there are many crimes done in Facebook.

Social crimes, and spiritual crimes.

Crimes that peak above the sway of people. Their words and their decision makings.

To think that each and every person believes that he is alone when using the computer, is the reverse concept of society, and in reverse to anything social. The manner and use of individuals of Facebook and the Internet can be termed or considered as "Secret", a sort of mischief and hiding, where no one is ever up for judgment because he is fully with himself, infront of the world, doing as he pleases.

A thought that someone can believe that while using the computer, there is no evident judgment to his actions, no peeking eye or no angel watching from above.
This is why people allow themselves to commit heavy and deadly sin while sitting alone with themselves, and portray the beast and the father.
It is sin, and will come for retribution when the time will come.
Forgetting entirely , about karma, faith and god.
It is the mind of criminal behavior that needs to be inspected, and the manner of crime.

The way that individuals lie behind their screen and believe that there is no retribution...a lie.

For each and every soul and living thing in the world believes and knows the difference between right and wrong, and nothing in the world could ever compensate the soul from the distinction.
It is the bubble and the rumble within your heart and way that knows true vindication.

For nothing can take the wrong away , but repent and sway for the future, the better deed to cover the least.
Facebook is a platform of social conduct, and all to the waste of mind to think and believe that the time will fade again, and no one or nothing will know the conniving deceit you have done.
There is no one to cheat but yourself , and no one or nothing that will conduct judgment besides yourself.
Did your mother never tell you : "You can lie only to yourself" with all repercussions adone to it.
Nothing to run truth resides in You.

This has discomforted me. The cowardly conduct done by people on the net , and their nester seat.
To find that behind the pc, they are nothing less than mean and evil.
So to meet them in reality, is to know their other side.
"As if" it doesnt exist. So to take their reality, and base it (also) alongside their internet persona, is to know how deep and evil they can be. To then meet them in "reality", and understand how conniving and deceitful they really are. Scum and evil. Liars and criminals. Dangerous people, that should be avoided.

A portrayal of double face. An alter ego, or a split personality. To look at someone and understand the criminality within it. The lie and cape. The cloak and devilish thought. To understand the darkness of one man.
To understand how evil and shadow people can be, when they use their personal computers.
A true significance to the person they are, and the evident truth about their lair face.
Their den face, their lore face. This person, at when his ut most highest and in power.
Who is he? How are they? To wear the person that he is, in truth.

For to conduct self within "society" , is to know life, and understand that everything is living aside of you.
Your merit and diligence. Your fault and taint, your pro's and con's, and to be ready for judgment.  
In no essence does the Facebook user perceive that his actions are full with words and intent. Everything is evident. For the human mind and spirit is above all, and able to congress, predict and judge the essence virtue or vice.

To know and realize that nothing is far from the truth, and that all can be tamed, for the best sence of ill it way.
The easy and lazy personal computer deviser can and may think that he is absolved from judgment or progress, but that is to the least of his knowledge.
For the conduct of personal belief and personal computer usage is of evident progress for your conviction, and be well adue within time.

The naughty knot not essence of when someone believes that he is alone,... to tend and entertain any idea Without the thought of ideal, is a cord and way into belligerence, and quay to profanity.
There is no essence where lies can live true.

Personal conviction and deceit, "my own private absolve-matory". Where I can commit crime without the thought of repercussion. My own private dictatorship and kingdom.

"My own government". A private censorship.

A progress done by filth mongers and cowardly capers behind screens.


In contrary to all that is being done. People do not realize the power their truly have with Facebook.
To reach hundreds and thousands everyday and anytime through word and content.
It is your own private distribution center and much can be done for the individual.
If it is faith, ideology, word or business. A notion to understand how much progress can actually be done with Facebook.

Its your own private desk into the world.
Your representation and your virtue.
Your donation, your word, your private institution and voice.


To only see the contrary, of self indulged individuals. Snobbery and crookedness. Meir of may and not can.
The "could" , always within the person itself. I "could" he says, and does nothing. Only to meddle within himself and look for his own pride. A snide truth for all that is real. Instillation of greed and egotism.

Your cloak. You lie and deceive ... to see you walk along the street with you "alter ego", only to know where and when you are from, what you say, who you are , and what you stand up for.
This is evident...its the truth, and you are absolving mystery. As in a person that can write a status "Death to all arabs" , and then walk the street as a humane society member.

Who you are, what you do. The seconds and day's behind your screen. Are not a secret to anyone.
Are not a shade in any light, they are not hidden in anyway. The truth, is evident.
The Internet is not the domain of shadow's, it is you. Fully aware and capable to conduct yourself in anyway.

One breath is evident. A look into the entire world.
So as one status or keystroke. A swirl and vortex into the truth that is you.

I call all of you to stop stepping on the wrong and being vindictive within your way of your Facebook and personal computer! To understand that it is your way of life and understand the manner and will of your vacate to essence and sign all that is true.

This is not your own private dictatorship, nor your own lair.
It is abound and eccollective to the name and woe of your name and life,... for the time being essence, human beings understand and feel everything around them. The human mind and spirit are aware of all, understand the undertones and the overtones of any faith and belief. The love and the hate. The despair and chaining, the enslavement and hope for virtue and release.

I wish that others would understand that their devilish behavior behind their screen is evident of faith and judgment in the eyes of god and anything beyond.

Guilt is evident, so are deeds, and nothing can never escape the truth.

I urge you to uplift yourself and become better members of faith and mankind, to understand that your will and way is the best tenderness to be with, and give to others by the judgment of your actions.
Do not think that you are alone behind your computer, because people are not stupid.
The same way you feel and know, same do others.

The crime and perpetuation of self to tower upon others. The meddling in privacy and allowance of "Confrontational" thought done with the pictures on Facebook. The imagination and thought that you "can" , when you dont. The upliftment of self on others, to become condescending and snobbish. The outlook that you can pry and dissect other people lives. Allowing yourself to "hear" your thoughts according to them.
"Venting" yourself, through and at a screen. Your cawordess in reality. Your squeal in reality.
Your weakness at anything and everything that is not in your screen. The sickness of these times, that have been digitalized, and nothing is real anymore. The poverty of intelligence and love within real life itself.

This Facebook, has turned your soul.
It has turned your body. Your mind has become false digitowel. You are not aware of your essence and sphere. I urge you, to stop using this platform for your own benefit. Yet to raise the bar, for a better and more constructive world.

You cannot no longer, stare at a picture and fondle yourself. You cannot no longer stare at a name and cuss out your deepest feelings. You can no longer in your lie, release your dark dreams onto a blinking screen.
For the same way, that you violated a person online, is equivalent to the person itself, and is valid in the eyes of truth and god. You have become evil, and your way in evil.
To realize what you are, and who you are. Is to know yourself at all times...everywhere and anywhere. To find the utmost truth, that is yourself.

The screen is looking back at you.

*up till now*

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