Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fame for Lame - Generation Y & X

In these times where stardomship has already been defamed by the young. The shortcuts obtained by them, the cheat that they have forsaken and found the way to overtake the reigns of fame. This time,...with the lame indulgence in "star search" and "reality television" that has captured the mind and soul, and is holding everyone victim. The shortcut took by majority rule, to find stardomship. Ultimate fame, redemption and greed of a starship yearning generation, that broke the work of virtue, talent, personality, way, inner value and essence of cool. It as like a bird calling for a nest, without ever picking any swifts.
The scoff of ideology and the tarnish of any intelligence on premise of "cool" and "keep it real".
The auto-deduction of any thought and way. Murder of progressive thought and politics.
The kill of history and leadership, the abolish of lesson.
These times, and this generation of the young, are counter revolutionary. A worst kind of man, sulfide and sulfice in "ME" rather than "US" or even "They". This time and young generation, where they reek from every stone, and shadow every footstep. The erase of what this generation was supposed to do, the true reason it was infuled for, the time and stars with their raising, the time and smidgen to what virtue held on to. The work done within the body and thought. The true reason why the prior were raising the dead and trying to ware out the clowns on time.

Generation X. The working majestic generation, the rebellion death done without the rebel. A mischief done with no mystery. A generation fixed on revolution, without even trying to do one. A self absorbing mechanism, where something and someone, will devour and call upon his destiny, without even trying.
A generation fixed on death and revolution, smart and sharp as the best of them. Judicial, doctoral and deadly. Cruxified and scarified, dead.

The true reason why today is easy for upliftment. Generation X and their virtue. Their prayer and wave hit, all the the galaxy...the energy consumed by souls, waiting idle on sight to believe and lead. Thinking heavily never stopping to believe, for the ideal of better for all mankind. On the faith for mankind, not money nor nation. Yet the end of hunger, the end of hierarchy and the initiation of complete and utter freedom through the lines of work and honor, strength and intelligence.

The ramification of history. Fixing every mistake ever been done by human kind, in a fair slate of justice.
To not know any arbitrary or siding, to never favor anyone or understand what interest is.
Simply to divine, and dictate the truth upon others. For their well being, and the future of human kind.
This is the generation. X.

A group of enormous intellect with their exact and ultimate virtue. Smart enough to solve any problem, yet lazy enough to remain free. All wanting to change, but not on their personal account. Still constrained by the forces of the system, incarcerated by the tombs of time that try to dictate and steer the days of old. For all that is true in the name of power and control.  The essence of power and control, and the way that the generation toppled it all, in mind and thought. Through body, without even saying a word.
If there is a term for sole quiet and deadly dangerous demonstration, is generation X.
Still and quiet, simply the though of it. Is what crushed and changed the world.
A generation beaming with star value ✭. Mind over everything. Incarcerated in body and civil options, yet mentally free. Above all. The way of mental freedom. Coup de rise, sole soul significance.
A revolution done by dead beats, fire blue flame combust coven. A way to where everyone is important, constrained within the structure of value, society for due conduct.

The old and structured...history and civilization. Clenching on the hold to perpetuate the monastery, the tides of old to hold the crest of the monarchy. Shide lies and times, covered shame and slime, not to let the povert dine on word and knowledge to witch they can take highest and climb. A structure of know, to let others grovel and tow, the tales of their days, to the truth they might find before they get buried below.

This stride, done by eccollective beings, the work of the X. The stance and stand that made the position clear to the rest of the world and the "high". The victory of the day's...and kneel of the beaking spot at the top of the pyramid. We felt the crack. We knew we succeeded. Our generation won and there was no dispute.
Now only time will show us how the victory will see itself, and what will happen now.

The freshly blade grass, still wet since prepared by the X was given to the next in line...
So stepped the Y onto the plane, to see what they reap, what the find from their truth will be after the release of the X. A carry over. Sort of a guardian or custodian inceptor, a pass of the power and flame.
Generation X accomplished what they saw to be true, within the changes in economy, and the rattle of politic chambers around earth. Smart enough to sit on the sidelines and check what is next. Still in their teens.

Generation Y took the plane. What did they choose to take, after the work being done?
What was their characteristics? What did they choose to do? What was their value? What did they decide to use? How was their way set infront of them? Generation X looked anticipatively, to see what the young will choose for a break free world, up for anything, with all the riches and fruits already automatically deviced.

Here they are...taking the field....and today we can see the current state of mankind and thought. Held by the youth. Look at the skiffle , see what they paint,... whatever those tree's the shame to the flames.

Jesus lord, nothing prepared The X , onto where their work will be taken.

Hi ...
Am I a boy or a girl?
Dont hurt my feelings....

Generation Y.
Apparently what's important of life and the world is "ME". Your cellphone. Your looks. Your money.
Your "fame" , and basically thats it.
The most shallow and ignorant generation, possibly of all time.
With almost every social and technological advancement at hand, and the use of.....absolutely nothing!
Did they choose to take power? Politics? FAME?

No no....yet how is my latest perm, and why is my new jeans so tight?
To capture the succession of warrior's , to replace them with fruit cake's and jelly buns,... a waste of everything done. These kids want nothing beside their own be "the one" and tower over everyone else. A generation of hate mongers and power fiends. With zero intellect, zero talent, no capability....yet enough EMO tears to end the drought in the Sahara desert. A generation full of baby boe's and self deserving queen bee's. Everyone is a somebody, yet nobody is a something...

They took their cellphone and were in shock! "Look at all the power I have here" they thought...."I can anything with this! Call anyone! Tell anyone anything! See anything! Record! Send! Transmit! Oh my god the power!!"....they were intoxicated with it, walking in zig zags with their heads in their cellphones, not even strong enough to see where they are dumb and stupid to even realize that using a cellphone, is a form of inhibition, and that the company that manufacturer's the cellphone is profiting on their same exact existence (X's point of view and awareness). They said "Im power!" , and thought "I can do anything!" , only to check their latest pimple and have zero balls to even stand up for their rights infront of people...

They look for money and "Fame" , good looks and "success". A snot nose swine, young males with perms and makeup, young girls with baritone's, scoffing at the word Democracy and Challenge, crying and sobing for they dont want to gain weight...."Oh why do I need to eat?! wretched world!!" ,while children in China starve to death. "China? Thats their problem!!" said Y. faggots and numskulls. Weak pestering spoiled self deserving pieces of shit. White brown paranoia, skinny disgusting opinionless retarded squeals.

So many beautiful talented people.
No personality, zero intellect.
And my baseball bat ready to crack their face.

Look at all of these fag basket's and clit capers, sobbing and mopping away in reflect to world full of starvation, pain and slavery.

"Pain?" thinks the EMO peach , "Pain?! Im in pain! I dont have my own room! Look at these pants!! My sister always finishes the pickles!! She knows I love nibbling on pickles late at night!!!"
Pain....only to sleep in their well fed bed's, pampered and wanting more. Swine swine squeal times over beast! 

 Oh Lord help me! Im not a blonde and I ate 3 cookies today!
Why do you have to be 18 to drive?! Why?! Its so unfair!
Im never going to be a ballerina dancer! NEVER!!
bwwaawawawaaw...Hitler was right!

All this compared to what a certain fist can reshape your smile.
Terrible...simply terrible time to be alive.

A generation full of slime, looking for severance over "ME", weeping and weaving to their last meal. Delicate dork's deeming the date for their stardom and control.
13 year old hexing leaders as Shimon Peres , Tony Blair....
14 year old gay boys walking around with enough pride to shame Nelson Mandela.

A generation full of slime foes, all delicate to their own. The "Y" "EMO" oh wow...
Forget the feed and pretense of war, the principle of ultimate freedom, the ideal's,  the grace of pain and the virtue of solitude.  
Forget all that....pffff....

I mean....LOOK AT ME!

The lowest kind of human beings, shaped and wrapped as human beings, coverted with beastlike intentions and opinions, demonish ideals and way's... A generation so dangerous and inconsiderate, that it would think that FOOD is out to destroy them. A greed and violence so great, thrown as contemplation towards one the other. No responsibility, no diligence, no strength, no moral's or ethics , no workmanship, no power.

Their "fuel" painted by sadness and low gut, sleeming their way into profanity.
A reverse cord to the one X sang, of intelligence and voice, war, courage and stepfoot.

Pansy leotard's, sweeming away slithering life, with their heads buried under white make up, praying to a cellphone screen. So scared to look up and see the world for what it is. To scoff at you, and pretend you are "beneath" them. Without the shade or capability to even speak.
A swede.
A nork.
Oh low so tender, might even find the way to chump punch your punk "JUMP!".
Hatred infused so deep within them, they could even cheat the beast. A heap of sneak preaching hoark.
Stench of white meat. Self exonerated from fate and judgment, holding and clenching human rights as a captive. A holdup of legislation, conniving liars, panting and crying, well beneath laughing a swarm and worshiping the darkness. A generation of reverse humanity. No courage, no heart, no power.

This is what they chose to take, after generation X did the work, and handed over "Free leadership" to the next. Some leaders they have become.

The neglect of the body, to soft white cotton. The neglect of the mind for "useless", the neglect of thought for "useless", pale flake's , weasels and cowards. Intellectual and social hazards. This generation is the filth to everytone, a disgrace to all that is known. To smug to read, to proud to bow.

The work done by the X, the workers. The riches of the world split down to the poor, the structure relieved, the government weakened. Only to see a group of skeel's take what they want for themselves, and cover themselves in body lotion instead of getting their hands dirty.

Get your god damn head up!!!!

Think of the ultimate revolution for the people. The monarchy stripped from value. The money risen to the utmost worth, cash hard earned cash much more valuable than anything. Debt free. Healthy, strong.

Think of the revolution. Silent and complete, ready for the people. To work, live freely, have no sorrow, wed, live, multiply, free. To do anything they wanted under law, and never receive any embarrassment, any pressure from higher grounds or houses, never to feel inadequate or less worthy. A true people's revolution.
A true one. Strong with might and fury, shining bright from blades of fire. Bloody enough to be still. Dark enough to be clear. The revolution of mankind and the ultimate salvation over time and life itself.

To see X, looking at Y and asking...well..."how's life?!" all smiling and excited!
Yo receive Y's answer...with his fresh clothing and technological gadgets, his makeup and fine shoe's....
"Pfffff....whats it for? Its all bullshit anyway" . To the despair of X , not understanding why Y isnt enjoying all that he has. Still blaming the "they" and scoffing at "life".

Another claimed villain.

The unrealization that they are free, and able to do anything as the individual they are.
The constraints of conduct have been perished, gone, broken. The monarchy finished. The vatican done.
The jews reboke. The muslims detter. The sight and banishment gone again. To come back, as free human' do anything for anyone, and make this world a better place.

Their choice?

Im going to be a singer, and a rich model. I want money and good looks, and alot of sex.
I want to be "famous". 

Never to understand, that when you help your old lady neighbor with the groceries.
She will never forget you, but Dean Martin...."He's just a bum".
In her eyes, and for eternity.
The good will always be remembered.

Now look at it, and wait.....because X are coming back to sow what they reaped initially.
How's that for a sweater?
Oh , and hold your breath.
X is still in his 20's.           :)

Spoils of Regiment

 X jain maste done what
 oogling the inspiring cut
eye for the lame wish turn buff
bet for the fate please come up

Wait for the work invested gain
X not a fool in vain
chump dust slow eager dont jump
mind sand shoveled hope

Look here they are the holders of the flame
Reliance on their flickering lights holding all to shame
walking about like storks without meat
covered their faces with supplements pretending to be
An embarrassment to war even smear for sheep

*No stride in their feet
They carry them around souless sound
hollow grounds heck stealth living in wealth
clean and starving for more clicks and help
shallow to the point of bald

X still here
in the back
Y gonna fall, sit in X's lap

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