Friday, January 14, 2011

Ignorance and Hatred

I am ignorant.
There is much that I do not know about. Yet that is not a reason to hate or feel inferiority to anyone smarter.

Oh wait...are those your own conceptions of inferiority? Or are you not big enough to be stupid?

I would like to stress a fact and misfortune into where intellectual beings and people suffer from the deterrence of others.
In a way where another see's the education of another as his misfortune and discomfort.
A mirror into his own deficiencies and shortcomings, ... while the educator has nothing to perceive.
A weight and way that has no virtue, and is the domain of the weak man and woman.

A shame and attack, to the one that is in deterrence to his own identity and worth.
A whone to will the way, and find the best pretense to find the keep.
What one finds for deep, and his value and essence in this life.

Got no idea padre`,...
Does that make me stupid?

And where do the deficiencies of another become domain of the other?
Why do perpetuate faith?
Is it the belittle me? Is it the small man and woman in me?
Why cant I accept myself as Ignorant?

and why....oh why.... Do I think that smarter people are patronizing me?

It isnt them, its your own insecurity , and personal grief.
Be cool and dont stool.

Why do intelligent people encounter so much hatred and detest? So much banishment?
Why do scholars feel lonely?
Dont they know that every great mind came from shame, and drugs?
A same way where I can find knowledge in a.... :

"Disposal Deputy"
Wow! Really? I cant mix musture and beauty?!

Then why do we take hatred and resent into people that can teach us something?
Is our pride so fragile? Are we vindictive and dangerous?

Its pretty simple to stress and break down. People cringe to the sight of others that are supposedly wealthier, smarter, prettier and better. The feelings of value and depreciation are the one's that funnel fear, anger and hatred towards these people. Without them ever doing a thing to hurt you, or try to slander and shame you in anyway. In the same way that young girls envy the most beautiful girl in class and hate her insecuentially, at a point where anger and fear are directed to her honor, and in directly making her life worse and more difficult, only because her face looks different. Something that in the initial stance, was never a part of her tower over others, be shrewd or condescending. Yet only did the envy of the other's create a situation and imaginary scenario, where there is someone "better" that thinks they are better. All coming from questions and ordeals of inferiority, reflect, self worth and love. So that is the beautiful girl in class, might be the most lonely one, for hatred is surrounding around her. To say and know that the people that we think are "on top" or more valuable, can be the most miserable and lonely at times. For no one has the stomach to stand them, for if it is their looks, their smarts or any different positive attribute. It causes any advantage one has to become his source of misfortune, and is the source of ignorance at when people relate to success , or any attribute that they do not obtain on their own.

Ignorance, in all due to respecting others and understanding that as rich or smart they are, as beautiful they can be. Equality is enforced to life, for body mind and spirit are one and in the possession of everyone.

I will stress out further the point, that the thoughts of envy and inferiority are inter connected.
For one cannot envy, if he understands his own value, and the value of others.
It is internally impossible to envy, when one has the sight of value, and appreciates others as he estimates himself.
If one esteems himself highly, regardless of his position...he will no longer think or become ignorant, for he understands, accepts and loves the value of his own life, aside others.

A way into where the ignorance has become a perpetuation of ones ability to remain face, and hold his own dignity up, in sight of something that he is not capable of achieving, or has not achieved yet.

The defense mechanism, that turns someone or something completely peaceful into something volatile.
For instance, a young guitar player that will hate and condemn Jimi Hendrix, for the feelings and reflection to his own inadequacy.

Something completely unfair and revokable, to tend the hatred and violence spread at an individual or idea that holds no harm for anything or anyone.

A single sided prostration of hatred, ignorance and violence to an undeserving victim.
All done by the feelings of inadequacy done by one self, to his own self.

I say and call for the world and others to understand the inner chemistry of their body and soul, and to understand their responsibility and deflection to the world around them.
For we cannot be people of merit or value if we denounce people on the premise of our own feelings.
Know this and evolve.


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