Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leadership and Vengeance

There is a repetativity to mankind that is vicious and cycle.
A way and notion into where mankind and the people vindicate and indite the same people they elect.
A reverse idolization and a cycle of vengeance and love.

This has been seen many times through out history, and is still happening in this day and age.

We must stop this cycle , for it is not human, and in error to all we concept as love, hatred and support.

How can we elect someone to leadership , and in time demote them? Burn them, crucify them?
When only a few moments ago in light years , they were the apple of our eye?
The beam of our light and the destiny of our virtue?

Is it because we are spoiled?
Is it because we are lame?
Is it because we are simply dumb?

Perhaps dumb...
Yet the concept is much more deeper than that.
It is an ordeal between the person and his concept of society. His internal and personal belief , and mostly....
His life...and personal deals and problems.

Into a way that an individual steams off to his peers, to vent...and consequentially destroying leadership and government. Un aware of his value and thought, his voice and self esteem.

It is a ponder that some think to believe that they are small and un important...within their personal emotions of inadequacy and futility. A place that during life we have and obtain the crucial moments where we break.
Where we have a bad day and someone spilled their anger at us...and we, continue to do the same to others.
And worse, we erupt and defecate on the notions that are in contrast to our outbursts, and break the glass walls that we created. We reflect our own personal feelings, achievements and failures upon them.
We reflect all of our innest beings, to them. For we come from a place that they are starlight, and we are merely sand. A form of disposition. Younger and acking to depicit our parents or any peer,...for our own internal world is in battle. From within.
Man and women are all subject to life, and we need to understand that even within our most crucial and difficult moments, we cannot let our anger take control of us and erupt the walls that we have built.
For then we are only hurting ourselves and destroying our conduct.

No longer can this continue.
Leaders as Obama, Clinton, Stalin, Lenin, Ceausescu, Mao Ze Dong, Itzhak Rabin, Martin Luther King and Prince Charles... alongside almost every single definitive figure in history, where defamed for the fame that we installed them. The adoration that we gave them, the faith and support...

To then understand that they are merely humans, and in detest and neglect like the last one of us.
In pain and suffering, alone and lonely...voiceless.

In this tone and essence, we are the ones that destroy our lines of faith, within our sorry and woe, and find the target that we want to erase and terminate...and we always succeed. Because we are in power.
The people.

We gloat in the faith, and then kill it...when we perceive that their money is better, that their life is better, that their ego is stronger, that they are richer and wiser, that they are stronger and loved.
We think that they are kings, and that they are laughing at the ridicule that appointed them.
Yet in the end they are only flesh and bones, and nothing can realize that, that they are faith within them...and you. For they would be nothing without you, and anything they ever achieved and have, is from your support and faith, your love, your leadership, your hug, your love.

We are everything they have, and everything they dreamed of.
We make them, we build them, we elect them and we destroy them.

These people, are the ones that in evidence...find themselves in rooms dark and shady...with no one to talk to, for their word has been uplifted to the side of god, and every breath they make is of evidence.
The judgment and responsibility to the public devours their privacy, and turns them in to lonely fools. Where from they cannot recollect and gather, for they are not fame and virtue, they are not god, yet merely people.
In conduct and faith, from the people...for the people.

We do not tend to perceive the ideal that everyone is human, and there is nothing godly in this world but the both of us, and every living thing in existence.

The eccentric way that we transfer our anger, our deficiencies , our discomfort and despair to the easiest target.
Someone that "Wouldn't care" "because they are kings"....
A whole thrown detest to anything and everything that was held.

Wake awake the friend that we bestake
Copple and rake
The friends that we have , we beast and then life
The scoff and the tone
That we once owned
You and what you do
So right about now....I dont like you
Go live in cime to nickle and dime

We wreck within our lives
To look for a find
To dissenegrate our hate and lies
and hello oh leader, you are to find
Lets beat you senseless
We are so kind

I have stressed why we do this.
The emotional state and the despair that we take to our own and find a mutual enemy. Yet not know the consequence and reflect it has had through topple and coup over and over again. In the name of victory, that is your own discomfort and displease.

The un awareness that you dictate, from the profound domain that witch is your own.


In this respect, I would like to stress the essence and way of "opposition" in the term and reference that we term and beleive to be true.
It is the essence of opposition that in witch we term our position, and our essence and way.
Our opinion.

In times and times over, as like today with President Obama the opposition duringly finds its position in faith, and way...and try to perceive the ideology that shapes the form of the party and its virtue.
The coat and presentation of the ideal itself.
In terms of president...the time has shown that people do now know themselves and are enslaved to their own victory.
A way into a way where people are confined to their own promises and jobs.
As a McDonalds worker that believes that Burger King is better, yet still will not progress and change his job.
All through his "promise" , his "dignity" and "pride"...his "virtue".
A confinement to one man, to live up to his promise, even if it is at the disaster of his own values.
The sacrificion of ideal and thought, for "brotherhood" , for "honor", for "promise".
A blind pride.

Into why are the republicans fighting Obama? Is he evil?  Is he against American culture? Is he profane?
No. Yet the diligence is prompt virtue, as do them machines.

The reverse intent of one man, to tend and work for an ideal that is against his own soulfull intentions.
A blindness.

Tone into motion, what they see as their own
A reverse pretense for progress and shown
Regress to the name of mess
Fury for power above node and ideal
The way that shadows the right for the seal

Who are you working for?
And what are you doing in the first place?

The soul.
Evident to right and wrong, and can never be lead by date or ignorance.
We nest the future and fore tame it, for the essence of be.
My victory, My sade, My light, My life, My word.

So never , and anything....can ever succeed.

The topple of Individuals targeting the highest ranks of diplomacy, as their colab.
Their equivalent.
Their main squeeze.

A place to where lamen folk compare themselves to Idols, and heave their own world. With thier emotions, and history. Glee or woe,...upon these figures.


It is never truly of political potent,...yet a personal gut rooted reaction.
They people use Mental, Spiritual and Entital transference to any and every willing idol in their mutual perception, only try and emancipate themselves for freedom.

To sound voice.

When voice, theirs all along.

I urge human faith to understand the redundance and repetitivity of this convict , and to stop it.
In all at that the name of progress and virtue.
Know yourself, and came for kingdom come.
Do not be scared to "betray" or "change", for your resistance in the source of rubble.
To fear your job or position in the value of your soul, is self conviction and bribery, not a good revelation for faith. It is not the end of the world to be assigned to an alternative party and confuse other ideals. To the contrary, it is good for unifying the ordeal of proper dictation and government.

Any good rival for virtue, comes in the name of virtue. This does not necessarily mean opposition yet refute.
We fight a neverending battle against a ghost that is our own self and pride within the self value and protest of testimony, absolving the truth and the right.

How can we show face to parade a name, live and wait for the outcoming, as fast food customers, kneeling forward and asking "When?",... Only to detest the time and our yearning? Can we not think and tame as diplomats, if we see ourselves prevalence to them? Can we be that weak? To detest our own protest?
If we are smart enough to vote, we are smart enough to understand leadership and hone it.

History is of evident disgrace.
Can we let no longer our own pummel of any government? Even the most liberal of them?
Can we say that we are not evident? Are we not guilty? Are we not responsible.
Oh right...thats Obama's fault. 
Not the people who elected him.

To our spoils.
Our self neglect.
Our own pant and paint.
Our reverence of self vengance.
The transverse of our pain to an undeserving victim.

We can no longer progress in this manner.

*for now*

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