Friday, April 8, 2011

De evaluating evil - Today and Time

There is a time for man and woman across the earth, to understand the value of truth and the power of it.
The utmost fear of man and woman, to find their truth...and what they have done within their lives.
The truth, behind every vision, every eye sight and the truth behind their veins,...what boils in them.
Their train of thought and syndrome, what they tend to be belief and what they see as their own, their gesture and their faith.

Time today, and social relation have brought mankind to all forms of auto deduction, to the point of infantile pegging and sodomy. A form of mental and social incapacity to form a state of mind and a train of thought.
Human kind has become degenerate to the point and thought of their own virtue and gesture within time itself.
The man has once become an ape, and no one or nothing is solitude.

A gathering of spew and retardation, to voice the most and gathering of all humanity, on the basis of sin.
To all that sin, this is the playground...of who is far more evil, rather than the true utmost place.
To where people are judged and valued by their good, rather not their evil.
A time in where mankind has become a value of deceit, lying, portrayal and falsity.

Today,...human kind is in rubble of thought. Pressure immense pressure, on the mind itself...
Pressure, immense pressure on every location space and time. Human kind is burying itself under pressure.
The mind and its cone, the sphere is under severe inter cranial pressure, to a point where suffocation and eruption will list itself.
Sex of the mind is epidemic, the mind itself is not baring the moments that progress through it.
Time has become a devilish perception of all mankind. Tone,sway, thought and gesture,... all judging, all knowing, all pummelling and pegging further on, to find and receive the ultimate way of the truth.
Human kind, has absolved its own nature "To do" , or find truth...for it does not have the stomach for it.

Human kind itself, has turned judgment into sin, thus creating all rules to absolve themselves, all structures to crash and fall, all boundaries to be open. Human kind has made decisions in this past decade, to fuel it and squeeze it down to the bauld griff of what it is made of. The true essence of life itself and the journey of it, the search for it. To "top" it, or "receive" it, all while most of humanity has already fallen under the primal and obvious sword of "sin" and pasture. Human kind has revealed itself, as the where sin has become a farce , to make all evil permitted. Within the mind itself, within the way and all fordeemer.
All of this, during time and the way and sway of earth,... has already become a way and path into where all has become the domain of evil. The domain of the wrong doing. Human kind has devoured all sin's , to contemplate "what happens after, and what is it good for" . To the answer where, "nothing happens, it is simply your life, your recollection of it, and testimony."
People have gathered their life, to find where and how they cannot perceive the faith that they have done this , during these years, to where human kind raced against time to devour life at its best peak's.

Human kind, the young and adolescent, have taken all sweetness from life, to form an agenda of "To what you know" , "Deceit" , "Deception" and perhaps a simple tone and notion of what is called evil.
To scoff and evil, is not to know evil, yet to strengthen it.
One must understand, that evil cannot be defeated by kneeling to it, as most humanity has already done.
Yet the virtue, is to fight evil with evil, and finding the greater good.

Alas, time has shed all humanity from fear, and all fear from humanity, to show grace is method, to show sight is lie, to speak is deception, to move is to lie and to think, is the domain and lair of all evil.

A time to where no one, and nothing is truly aware of the consequence of what they have done, through these years, to fully contemplate and understand their willing way and gesture, their faith and mind, their prayer.
Their actual life.

Un aware of all,... completely blind folded to self and self conviction. Realizing or even thinking, that there is no consequence to anything. A true belief of the death of god. All this,....that will wind down to life and repay itself, when wheel comes to end, and further the wheel will come to more. To find the most and truth, of what really happens within our minds and hearts, to the utmost truth of it.
This is inevitable,...not by man, but by life itself.

The evidence of all that has been decided by men and women, to find their pace and lively hood of what is true inside them. The epidemic of television and scenic thought, the epidemic of sex and its grip hold tight on what that is called the mind, the epidemic of fashion to kill all sight or perception, the epidemic of facebook for relation and value of one self.

All these notions put together, have founded and shaped a mind and humanity that is incapable and crippled to find anything in anyway, any train of true thought is gone. Any notion of truth is banished, any faith is crumbled. Anything in any way has already been gone from humanity, that has auto deducted its own way into oblivion. Humanity that has looked for all shortcuts to find the way to the top, with the remainder of life itself, many many many more years to come. For the value, strive and stride of life itself. The strong survive, and the weak pesture on by, with their heads down and hearts gone....while the true and virtuous live on.

A place and time, where criminals and whores can sit next to preachers and nuns, look them straight in the eye and say "What?!" , as the last buffoon and baboon on earth. Not to realize the perpetuation of faith, sight, sound, lesson, intelligence and dictation.
That are still in the territory of the known and intelligent.

In a way that only the sheep have personified themselves in a way where, something has happened to them.
Only the weak of mind have fell stoop into somewhere or something,...yet the strong resilient.
To weast away and reap what they have sown, truly and initially.
A time into where evil is everywhere, yet people say "Really? So what? its nothing" and create the reality that we live in today.
A time where evil, is accepted as common let only the virtuous stand ground, shining and holding the light.

Adding : May 14 , 2011

The time to where the young and ignorant, and created instant leveling the inconsideration of personal merit, intelligence and value. Forced equality by the ignorant to the elite and prominent.
Diplomacy, law and civility as the weapon of the inferior, criminal and ignorant.

A way into where the essence of one's being is to consider the other as himself, a volatile way of ignorance.
The of a leveling tool. As in "We both eat" as a place into where a plane is served, by the inferior,...the criminal...the volatile. As a peace offering, for the righteous...the good at heart.
The religious and the true righteous...
The actual good (people) that are leveled and challenged by the times of egotistical gifting devil's.
Leveling the plane.

In their own, power and cord of evil. Their own evil...used as a leveling plane and tool.
Never realizing the karmatic reaction of their choices and spirit...the evident end game.
In there for "Do you know the New York Jets?" or "Do you have sex?" as a leveling tool.
The laundering of sin, as to where a nervous kiss on the cheek is equivalent to rash and horrid sodomy on the tails of cocaine, violence and prostitution. As in to the theft of candy is equal to millions of dollars.

A tool of leveling, as though the others...are the "same" due to evil. De-evaluating it.
Cohersion of words and intent, to find the evil at heart and way...finding more evil within their level the eye's of saints and equivalent them.

A form of tearing and flipping inside out, using law, judgment and civility as as de-constructive weapons of eruption, destruction and anarchy. To twine royalty with gutter.

The taking of bowel, and making the strong weak and the weak many.
As in to where if someone is strong enough to stay away from theft his entire life..., to stay away from corruption and drugs, the strength, the might, the power of a bowel so strong.
The gut to be good, "equaled" by the bowels of people that are "strong" enough, to live on social security, do drugs, steal, lie, sodomize...
To "equialize" the bowel's of others...for "You breath too!" "We are the same!"

To cope with life, and its eternity...the struggle of everyday life.
The construct of people, not tolerable enough to speak or carry conversation...yet "shrewd" enough
For they dont have the stomach, the bowel to understand the merit, the value and essence of work and knowledge. The people that do not have the strength to live up to the high values of god and human society.
To take human kinship, and drizzle them down as drag and filth.

As a youngster with a basketball, staring into John Havliceks eyes, and throwing a scoop into the basket, saying "There!"... aside the "nonsense" of a fist full of championship rings.

A form of pulling the the elite and intelligent to the premise of the gutter. Diabolical more devilish, by shadowing, mixing and comparing it, to the slight short comings of a saint, as leverage.

To pull an angel down from his wings...for sometimes at flight, clips the edge of tree's and branches...cutting down some leaf's.

To equal the "sum" of evil with "evil" none the less, un aware of the karmatic consequence of choice and relief.
To compare sodomy, theft and murder with thought.
The sin of our time, by forced equality.The twisted most deformed and devilish form of supremacy.
Done by and from the gutter itself. The supremacy of the inferior.

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