Monday, August 1, 2011

The Point of Severance

The pure slate of virtue...
To clear the slate wipe clean.
Between government and civilian.

This is the notion and time of today, to where the ideals of value, merit and worth are not entailed or connected to anything profitable. No organization or association can prospect these ideals.
Neither nation or government, neither prestige or monetary hierarchy can void them.
Shine to a place where value, merit and worth are inside the human itself.
The life of one, and their stride. The actual testimony of life itself as the worth and value that is being grieved by individuals today, the one and the latter. Attempting to level plane between people, in a coercive manner while detesting the true reigns of equality. Using concepts of humanitarian idealism, as weapons for the weak, criminal and inferior.

To find the invisible variables becoming wide enough, to understand that there is no one to blame. No one is in control of your life or mind, no one is oppressing you. You...the individual of one have all the opportunity to be and become anything that you want. To achieve, to be or have. This is life, it is what you have and make of it.
Regardless to any formation or construct that you might tend to believe, that is castrating you.

A one that is aware enough to understand his faults, his disgust and impotence, his profane and lethargic. His ignorance, crime and sloth. His grotesque and vile manner, the deepest bowels and gutters of his heart. The truth.

In a time where social coercion has become a tool of peace. A time to where difference between people has been shaded and rubbed out by the inferior and delinquent, to not make any apparent inferiorities noticeable. The lower levels of society have choked and rattled the ways of intellectual spirit and judgment, labeling them as "Vain" and "In-Humane".
As the tides of shallow grief and decision making, is still at their the ignorant and inferior that they truly are.

It is a way and passion, to a place where the intellectually crippled and culturally baffled attempt above the capes and values of higher beings, higher values and concepts.
A revolution of the inferior, to banish societal hierarchy and classes.
A revolution that has been given way, for the ultimate downfall of it could never be avoided.
A red carpet for bare feet.

To understand the battle between human life and it's man.
The consignment between civilian and government.
The ultimate redeem of true virtue.

A concept the lower classes of society simply do not understand, the concept of freedom and civility, that have shaped and created democracy. The people that do not understand that democracy is not a coercive regime, yet one that has been constructed by the essence of "You" and "I" .

Finding a world yearning for more and more socialism, perhaps an extensive golden platter to what is "offered" and given today. Automatically to the democratic born, perhaps ruthless...a downfall. Geneva, as a rebel,....mutated contrast.

The inferior and ignorant still screaming and protesting against ordeals and ideals, that are in their hands to change. Not realizing the defamation they are causing self by still relying on a rebellious and blaming agenda of poverty and wealth.

The dead end of the poor and weary to protest against structure...societal or governmental.
Human kind are reversely understanding the profit of merit, much to their distaste. The ground core of democracy. The individual.

Peasant enough to rely and confuse the ideals of socialism and democracy, that are not intact and infused permanently. The justice and righteousness of democracy, aside the mercy and charity of socialism.

This will not continue to be true, for mercy and charity does not compliment the peasants and low life's of today's world society. Mercy and charity do not compliment the wealthy lethargic.
Smart and capable enough to buy the latest phones, clothing and alcohol. Capable enough to conquest any fad of sexual desire, yet ignorant and lazy enough to shame societal structure and law. Disgrace to be a burden of economy and drain it squeeze, causing a global affect of poverty and egnocentrism.

Shameful enough to scatter the notions of freedom by blaming or conspiring against the higher ranks of classes, the intellectual and rich the politic. That sustain the boiling blood of inferior life forms in this world, at the expense of the destruction of human life and the planet itself.
The much more noble person will shed grace even to the lines of inferiority and subliminal the best and tender ranks of civility, spiritual knowledge and ofcourse...politics.

The abhorring reality into where billions of people carry around as cattle, with leashes around their neck and life...sadly, to their own conception and capability. This is the choice of them, as their personality and whist dictates internally to extern. A one to think of one-self as nothing, a fluke and 0 within the Human binary. 
At once one has only but a clear path, to reign free as a king in a free world.
The best of modern life and government...opportunity at its best. Slave free.
The parting of government to the petty emotions and conceptions of social incarceration, for the mind of civilians is incapable and deterred to understand the depth of artistic politic and the molding of human civilization through out time. The despair and release of a burden, that is not that of the politicians or regimes, yet an intellectual and spiritual one.
The government is not a nanny, it is a workplace.

Many cry and yellow at the food that is not enough for them, "Why oh why Obama please!!" ...
Mingle and complain "My soap is expensive! Why do I need to pay for medicine?", "The country is corrupt, all the leaders are thieves!!" as they sit yet another day at home, attending their societal laziness with abundance.

It is simply the time to cut the ties to what civilians have taken for granted.
The detest of civilians to something that is given to them as a gift, and not their own given accomplishment. It is time to make sure civilians understand, that they are not contributors, they are not molders, they are not leaders, they are not important, they are not noble or honorable, they are not worthy. Not worthy of the concepts they have been born into, to have castrated and confiscated them, as something that they can attire on their own as parasites.

A barricade between intellectuality, civil merit and lethargy.
The mental conception of worth and individuality.
To convincingly differentiate the socially incapable, inferior and criminal from the righteous and cultured, from the rich. If of hand, mouth or heart...this current generation has reached its end with bending the rules of equality and democracy...for the best of difference, is the best of progress and the future.

It is time once more to peg down on ignorance and vanity.
The shame, to pummel onto the civilians that open mouths as hungry crows to jackals.
Civil parasites and burdens, done with portraying the royal scopes of individualism and humanity. Enough.

The same cry out for more "rights" , "lower prices", further automatic empowerment...
Greed, vanity and self righteousness,

A way and place where the democratic civilian is castrating the cords of humanity. Using socialism as a coercion. The lack of contribution, the flake of participation and fueling progress.
A reverse concept to the reason and inspiration of democratic socialism.

Embellishing on the societal structure of hierarchy as delinquents, that is founded on virtue and merit...the ordeals and deals of one. The work itself that is dealt with everyday, the rigour of value within the hands of the workers themselves. The men and women that dedicate 50 years to find a cure for AIDS, living in the most simple and modest conditions, the cry of the people that demand the cure "For free!". Choking the blue collars while the lower gallows of society assimilate collars of the white.

The simple notion and ordeal, at where the people have taken to heart, the difference of class, intelligence and achievement. Using society as some warm housing for emotional development.
Craving or using the societal structure and virtue of government and civility as a platform for the nursery of their feelings. The whimpering mendicant pleading with teary eyes that the world will understand him, and not evade the worth of success and virtue. For that will "Be a mirror image of me,...and I will understand my futility and wee teeny importance". The poor thing. awwwww.

A plead of this generation,
That society will not differentiate between people as and of a farce to heroism, a crying baby with a red fist and spear marching forward, along with his diaper and tears cloth. The castration of revolutionaries and leaders in the name of puny, miniscule and retarded  emotional support. The incapable, the sobbing and crying, the "suffering" and poor of thought, value and spirit. The mere sleaze of the life of vacant shells called human beings, and their begging to the virtuous and righteous individuals that shape this world to be free, independent and flourishing. The Obama's and Napoleon's, the Churchill's and Ghandi's ,...
To find a young man saying "Please dont be yourself, it raises my feelings of inadequacy"

The slime tide of wisdom, and the times of uplifting the inferior. Inferior enough, to not be instigated and pushed forward through motivation when meeting a higher being. With higher value, accomplishment and celebrity.
The diseased generation that has held tight grip the higher tones of spirit and life, for they "Cannot bare the though of it" , as small their souls, minds and spirits can be.
The envy, the sadness, the inadequacy,...the true and ultimate realization of identity and faith.

A reverse, to all merit and grace. Coercion in its most lethal form, on all barriers.
To use all emotions, all "mindful" and "civil" algorythms as a tool of coercion. A robust and profound manipulation of any divine law, of any civil virtue...for the prosperity of one, and his or hers vanity, security, confidence and comfort. Clack.
The sin in comparing a Dalai Llama, to a 14 year old Pittsburgh boy.

Their use?
The prevarication sham to philosophy, speech and notion. A quimmering siding to circle any thought or notion. A sinful lie to overcome "violence" with the utter essence of cowardly violence itself. The gut of the inferior, used coercively to overcome their inferiority, and "share" it with others, as they find "plane" with them and unity. As in a person so scared, he cannot even speak of his opinions, so degenerate cannot carry a civil conversation. So vile he cannot maintain a steady job. So criminal he cannot avoid debt. The vile magia of the inferior, used all this level what they cannot achieve for themselves : Worth, Merit, Intelligence, even good looks. All achieved coercively, while the true and virtuous stand aside and wait, for the suction to stop...and truth to rise beyond again.

To explain the incapability of the majority rule to deal with something of this manner, to deal or dwell with anything of this kind and sight, is truly unfathomable. It is a challenge to try and explain it.

Again, I will stress the point that the people...have become so needy. When rich and spoiled. Heaving. The vacant bowels of their body and spirit, splurged on others...for coercive similarity, and the hopeful rising of the ignorant as civil rule. This has all happened, and now...devolving.

Much to the dismay of the virtuous, that have waited all this time to maintain the knowledge and right for judgment, to call a whore a whore, and a degenerate a degenerate. All truth abides.

The time is coming to point, that opinion and truth cannot and will never be consolidated in the names of fashion and sex. The true unity of mankind is through intelligence, spirit and religion. The true coat of arms between people is not their stupidity and futility, yet their worth, faith and grace.

Here we are, the tide of the virtuous and wise, to know the slander of any ghost, to foresee the steps of a decade ago it began, and today winding down. The separatism between the inferior and socially degenerate, the spiritually low and intellectually frail, from the wise, proud and worthy fo the higher ranks of world leadership and crisp humility, still impressing this world from eternity.

For some work for world peace, and others drink alcohol and lead filthy lives.
We are not the same.

City council members, union workers, soldiers, congressmen, senators, officials, secretaries, delivery men, mailmen and women, cleaning ladies and bakers rise awake every morning, the farmer that breed's his herd and plows his field...for another day of progress.
The exact individuals that are the true Primaries, of a prosperous world.

The severance between the working, the worthy, the clean and righteous and their contraries.
The severance of government and law as psychologists or social workers.
The separatism between socialism and sociology.
For "care" has become an abused tool by the habitants of the free world. They have learned to abuse where the social will revise again, and not become the tools of fools.
Mankind has truly abominated the concept of socialism, and turned into a nagging nanny, tired and weakened by endless emotional and psychological surrender.
Socialism is exhausted, and in much revenge...about to scream out its true foundation.
Freedom, honor, pride and respect. Much to the revenge of the filthy, that have squeezed the "nice" out of socialism. Time to roar.

It is saddening enough to state, that the habitants of this planet are truly unaware of the affect of one. A world full of rants, yet none suffice within their riches.
The regular and "ordinary" scuffle between their heels, mope and drowsy enough to complain of life, whine and squirm as adolescents.  Unaware, blind to the thought of a one person one globe perspective...into where all are earth and imperative, with all responsibilities contrapt.
A notion and dream of democracy, monastery and find a world FULL of individuals...all aware of their worth and motion. 

For the wide spanned person, it is to look at a picture of millions of people, saying "I dont matter" , one after the other, other after another...and see the line grow, the potential of their spirit, to easily say "I make a difference" and see that line grow aswell, within the picture.

An Enormous amount of people, all indifferent to their own lives. Through ranting, sobbing and complaining, while not realizing they are shaping the world instantaneously, untill and even after the day they die. They say "The camel does not see his own hump" , yet to stress a few.
The lack of belief in personal ability, the lack of work ethic to evolve and progress, to build character. Value, merit and persona.Laziness and eventually self betrayal, shape the scope of human kind today. For one to say "I dont like arabs" and is ignorant enough to ask "Why isnt there any peace in the world?" blaming government.
The pure blindless of one, to an apparent and evident trace. For self, humans and earth. Unaware that anyhow, one is a force...even when homeless and drunk.
It is as a strand of domino's, a causality. As wind for the leaf. Thus a human for another.
If we could only tell them, that they can affect life by simply passing by and brushing next to it...if they were virtuous enough.

The far away dream of democracy, to see human kind with tall chins and flamed smiles, nodding and gracing another...helping, teaching and loving. Evolving. A utopian ideal, to the best of magic and joke.

It is time,

The end to mercy and consolidation, for the low have pulled all high their level,...and now alas...the virtue of privacy, worth and intellectuality. The difference between right and wrong, the angelic aside the satanic. The healthy aside to perverted, along all kinds of truth's that have been stripped away by the majority rule of the ignorant.
That have claimed earth, life and everything in it. To still, the pace, sway and manner in which the intellect and cultured delight, is no where to be seen. Yet in themselves alone.

For education can only be learned and studied, not taken and confiscated.
The tasteful corks of style.

Elitism is for the virtuous and righteous, the wise and spiritual. The gracious and polite. The artistic. The knowledgeable and divinely rich.
It is not a concept that can simply be assimilated by a one, for it is not part of him untill he truly obtains it within the realm of judgment and jury strictly within self.
For the ultimate trial of one self, is with himself alone.

The end time, to find the lust and gluttony of the people worldwide as their own testimony, and current ground and state.
There is no one to blame, besides themselves. As they chose a decade ago to take phony stardom and beauty, sexual thronging and materialistic craving as their goal and is the own rubble of the foundry of the individual, the weak of mind and hoard of main stream sheep...that will notice the caving of the kingdom of peasants...that has choke held the gracious concepts of intellectuality, culture and peace for so long.Generation X gone Y, to Z....alas yet comes the A, to begin a world full of personal virtue, for self and others. Hopefully.

The sear to all ties between government and its subordinates, to the individuals that form government in and as themselves. A prospect not seen by the inferior, that do not understand that government is not a form of subordination, yet a tool for progress, unity, donation, civility and law. An erupting point, of boiled down structure, to relieve the holy from the tame, the uplifting to the grimey degenerate and derogatory. A newly revised fresca of what once was entailed as the epiphany of progress and unity of human kind, rising again to all its virtue and merit.

The true muster of human faith and deliverance.
We shall see, once again...what you are made of.

*checks stop watch*
I hope you dont fuck up this time.

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