Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pover Economics

There is a way and instance, into where people are the downfall of economy.

To lay down a few basic facts, and to organize the puny of the mind.

1.The economy is built by the people. All factors involved, create the state of worth.

2.The economy is based on profit and debt, that is cultivated by the people.

3.Money is a form of worth, merit and transaction. Dealt and decided by the people.

The high and low of the economy, and the aspect to what it is as seen as a whole. One piston moving the other, as the wheels and chains survive and work away with each other.
Every tooth of the wheel important as the other, regardless to who is chewing.

As in to understand the picture where a hood rat narcotic is also a number within this world, and when he steals the car of a hard working IT employee, this affects the economy.

I tend to believe that the people need to understand the macro and micro aspects in which they relate to their own lives, as their own,...and relate to the world, nation, and so on. To understand the profound aspect of "I" in order to be wealthier beings. Regardless of money, yet much richer to perceive.

One cannot truly understand his binding with humanity, unless he concludes himself and dissects it in a crude manner. To truly understand your worth, from a distant position of objectivity.
A cold decipher and evaluation of your true conduct and value. For flag, language, culturic conjure and bond affiliation. Self.

As to where a father of 3, retired for 20 years and living off social security, is not in a position to criticize government or economy, for he is completely reliant on the two. A man on two crutches cannot criticize the sprinter and call him a "nobody bum" for that is the tear that is amongst men and women themselves.

It is where the civilian and individual, will see themselves at the larger scope of things, to understand their fragmented put voice, protest and value into proportion.
Economically wise, and humanly.

A sort to where the poor and unfortunate, will realize that they are the downside of the economy...the reason why there is recession is primarily because of citizens that rely on the national treasury, social security and social insurance...more than they can rely on themselves.

What kind of citizen, can still be complaining to government,...when %70 of his assets are government funded and backed. If by socialism or bank anchoring. As to where a citizen that is not profitable for his country, is not profitable for himself,...and is practically the dead weight that is dragging this world into the future. The product of the lethargic spoiling of commodities.
Given by the government, socialist democrat if any other,...and the gut of the banking industry that has supported and invested in the people for decades.

This is apparently coming to a fast end and crash...
For simple reasons as people dont make anymoney, and are lazy freeloaders that live in debt and gain weight while shifting papers around to clear their black listing.
The shouts and cries of citizens worldwide, for fairness and better welfare for the people...yet their incapability to get up for work 6 days a week, be there on time and the same country they are idealistically "pushing forward". A portrayed patriot, a lying man. Not a leader of any sort, not any resemblance to find clear, yet a bully and a bafoon at best.

People are small representatives of their country, and they simply dont realize it.
The micro economy, is the macro inside the citizen's own life.

To understand the chains of motion, and realize the utmost truth and social awareness of one, dictating the future of the economy, for country and earth. Within the footsteps of one person.

In this instance, it is at utmost reliance to say...that too many people in the world are funded by blind welfare, while others are the one's grinding the binding teeth of these pistons, that move the engines called human earth and human kind. To compare the over weight couch muffin, to the corn plower and seeding farmer.
As to find the equivalent and comparison, between monarchy and slavery.
One side working, full of merit...and the other, incapacitated and idle.
A full form of retribution, to what is concepted by the world, of working classes between aristocracy.
To find these level's reversed. The lethargic and home based, with enough steed to hold ground, aside the working and motioned, struggling and insecure of footing. A reverse of merit, contribution, sole unity and worth. A world full of king's, yet no workers. Finding the most basic form of class and social hierarchy with enough property and leisure to spoil the royal, and the blue collars indulged with maintaining the function of economy, agriculture, medicine and worth. A true cycle of vendetta, yearning to level classicism and hierarchy. A true cycle to envy and greed.

The importance of one. To understand that the world is poor, because people are.
Inside themselves, in spirit, mind and passion.
Everyday that passes by, is an opportunity for people to enrich the world around them, to make the world a richer place, ... within time and gesture.
Imagine a world where everyone is for generosity, to spend not only on their private pleasures and desires,...yet to spend themselves...their time and speech, their manner...on truly create an economic value of merital profit.

As to see a lonely father with a failing marriage, buy $100 worth of barbecue meat and drinks, ... pay's for a fancy hotel for his family including shopping...
When something much more valuable for him and his family is at point, and is completely free.

A good conversation with a stranger, and the hardship of speaking to his wife to sear ties, to find the internal peace that is so dearly precious to him...without the spending of a dollar.

They say that money cannot be measured with heart, and it is true up till today.
For those that have little, and live to the highest peaks , are the envy of millionaires with empty hearts.
The boundaries of money can never conquer the soul and spirit.

Into where people need to realize, that they must invest in heart and not material.
What will cause a social economic growth beyond proportion, when leisure and trinkets are realized for what they are, a commodity. The luxury of the middle class that vastly exceeds the good taste of humility to be humble and content. To see the "middle class" of today, living in standards that wouldnt shame the middle age king of an empire, or put to shame the worth of an overlord in the ottoman empire. Times that have shed grace to the actual worth of life. That is giving and taking care of others, yet in the times we live each is his own king. Creating a cold world full of status and greed, full of futile and childish competition. The what more and the who have, all up to the point...that if true worth was valued...peace would have reign in this world long ago. Modesty.

The price of a Porsche cannot be valued, over the bridge mankind handshake of man and his foe.
As to where the riches of man cannot be estimated by the hand, yet by the heart and mouth.
The gestures extended into the future and present for benefiting not only yourself, yet your county, state, country and nation. Your culture, your heritage and your way.

A man wealthy enough for a big house and 4 children, 2 wives and 5 cars.
Yet his heart is as poor as the homeless man that sits next to him at the pub, even less righteous.

Swear to the conception into where one person affects the other, and to where the deficit begins is within the friendship itself and the worth of humanity and relation. The poverty within the people themselves, and what they fill themselves into with all cries and flames of heaven burning inside of them everyday to make the world better and make a difference. For all men say they are alike, all wish and proceed and believe that they can affect human kind with good grace, yet cant seem to even respect one another. A farce of grace, portraying the faces of men, when they are literally criminal and sinful. Without any intention for nation or religion, without any intention for mankind or the world. For if you wake up in the morning and believe that you are working for your next television, you are as cold and lonely as the dumbfounded box itself. Yet if you wake to work, and believe that you are contributing to the greater ideals of earth and human kind, you are actually making that difference, are actually making that difference. The difference between looking at employment and money as a means to survive, yet as means to live. To nourish life itself. Nation...mankind and anything afterwards. An idealistic tool in the life of solidarity.

The ideal of understanding the worth of everyday life. Every small decision of each and every person in this world, to buy "Evian" or simply drink at home. To purchase "Nike" or simple suffice is normal things that supply your needs, or to boast and topple the mountains, to reach too high. As has happened with socialistic democracies across the world. To say "Hello" and not gossip, to live honorably and not backstabbing, deceitful and coercive.

Civilian as king and wife as itinerary. The work citizens of democratic socialistic countries, have done, to create this sublime freedom that is at hand. Older generations were not so spoiled. Manking is not built to be lethargic. He is not meant to reign, yet work. Be humil and succomb, to all grace and fury under the true realm of good against evil. The world has become rotten spoiled within its riches. The people turning even "more" corrupt than the channels of government that they despise. Ignorantly.

A full circle into where the riches of fighting democracies have flooded their citizens with abundance, and now...must revolve back to the essence of modesty and patriotism. To reel realm the feed of the virtuous and the undeserving. Those that fight for the freedom of other's, cannot be tarnished by the welfare alike, by the lethargic and complaining. This is toppling equality, by instability.

Time and power must revolve today, to hold strong the value of one and its essence within merit, social conduct, etter grace and spirit. A world of responsibility and correct judgment.
Good decision making for general relief.

The middle class, and lower classes of society have brought the economy to fall. Pending sequential grammar and social paralight psychosis ofcourse. (Regarding reaction to the words : "Economy - Fall" , for mere minds would shatter and crumble to the fact and knee jerk reaction, as ignorant do, time and time again.)

For they have concentrated only on themselves. With minimal spending and short term costs. Cable television, cellphone expenses, internet and immediate intoxicated entertainment as their prime goals and suffusion. Not as generations before, that would not suffice untill they would "Make this country great and proud" , even when sitting in their living room and sleeping at night. Generations that thought of divinity and divine law, to counter when thinking of merit and self worth. Always moving forward, for brighter days of accomplishments and yearnings.

A question of individual merit and priority...has what led to today's slate...the poor economics of the mind, body and pocket. A world full of kings,...yet no workers.

Poor minds make poor citizens. Poor souls make poor civilians, make poor economies.
Create a poor world.

Its the simple. The footsteps of one, are the cord's of the world bank.
The inflation in ignorance, is an economic deficit. The growth of narcissism is a economic pit.

Today in the world, we can see riches beyond relief spreading everywhere.
Cheap clothing, even fashionable clothing...spreading everywhere.
Cheap and affordable food, to a point where obesity is simply a matter of choice.
Transportation and health care that is not only enough for everyone, yet more than they can handle.
A true world full of riches...and still the poverty exists within the soul itself.
Looking for more, wanting empty bowel full of food, and a bare back wearing designer clothes.

An epidemic of the bowel.
A true welfare world, yet still...the hungry at heart will always be famine.

To explain the value of price :

A price is reliant to the value of the product.
The worth of the product, is bound to its material.
The construct of this material.
The work and thought put in it.

As in a Mercedes Benz is more valuable than a box Suzuki Jeep, for it is a finer tool and product. The Ergonomics and calculations gone into the product...deep scientific thought and investment, heavy engineering research and the prestige to bound all luxury.

A true product, of true merchants.

Yet in a world as today, here comes the common man and says : 

"Why is a Mercedez Benz so expensive? It needs to be cheaper..." 
"Why?! What the hell do they do anyway,...its only a car"

Thus de-evaluating and cheapening the product itself, by himself.
"They should make it cheaper, so that anyone can buy it".

Dumbfounded and never reluctant. Not enough to hold speech and flounder way, in the best of its essence.
The deteriorated, deteriorating.

Making the fine product of a known founded company as Mercedez Benz with strong historical ties cheap. The prize owner of such a company would tend to believe and say that not "everybody" can own a Benz, yet only the prestigious and the product itself.

As to where certain products do not belong in certain hands, for the value of the product itself must meet the value and the hands of the owner. Prestige goes along well with the valuable. Valuable people. The generation of today, tends to forget the "old" and solid of the true world, the value of the "old" and their merit. The actual process of earning and creating in a world full of struggle, and to victor above all odd's. 

This is what has happened due to the lewd and low, the rugged and inferior.

Price has contradicted value because of the consumer...
At first crying "Dolce Gabbana is too expensive!" , creating pressure... yele crying as howl's...
Yearning the high class product for themselves, to assure their worth and class.
Issues of self value and inadequacy.

Thus, the price of Dolce Gabbana went down, being more affordable for lower and middle class...bringing the prestigious to the average yokel. A degradation all due value and its worth. Ghetto princes and gutter queens, with what was nonce wore by the play fashionista elite of Milano, in the hands of Franklin Park, Fort Lauderdale. Still...the people...bare and poor as they are inside.

This same lower and middle class, went around the ferry and began to ask "Why is it so cheap?" the Dolce Gabbana product. Thus completing a full circle of ignorance and greed, still looking forward with a thieving hand. Still a clenching fist, wanting more. To evidentially overcome their own initial hand, with laundered classicism, value, prestige and worth.

Things that have been and were far fetched from become obtainable...yet still...they roar for higher things.

A cycle of poverty and worth, within the mind and life, within materialism and far fetched agenda.
Within the worth and wanting of the hand, within the greed of confiscating and laundering.
The dreams of one yearning soul, to the capers and day's of kings and queens, the royal and rich...with their daily lives. The wantings of richer lives bound with glazed gold, chromed and lined with the royalties of heaven and earth, to find them there as the cufflinks and trinkets of the perceived rich and throned, alongside the scratching dead hands of clenching scavengers and grovel. The dead hands of the lifeless and low, flapping their hands to catch the next item of worth they can see and fathom. A chance to feed what they crave as the shining brink of diamonds and jewelry, as the bright haze of gold and chairs adorned with burgundy diamonds. Only to feed off more crease and sewage, as they chase the next cove to fullfill and empty being  As pedestals and stools on the back's of peasants and blood, they pour more wine on the floor for their conquest. Dreams of demons. Poor of mind. The bowel of the meaningless and hungry, can ever be the depth of soul and spirit. Never will be pleased, never suffice, never take and pounce on any crest, that seems beyond their reach. A lust of greed, a soul in agony screaming, coughing up the bone of soul as they die another day.

What this "middle class" has obtained to achieve, in pulling the aristocracy of this world to cheaper means. The pulldown of all prices and values, the corruption of smile and its value.
The true merit of one, and all the essence between the judgment of right and wrong.

What this generation of "middle class" achieved, is the kingdom of struggle of all civilizations of slaves and workers through out the history of mankind. To topple government, monarchy and classicism...within the grisp of their own relentless iron fist. A generation that used, and is continuing to use the formality of civil society to pummel and reign as the dictators and arbitrators they saw fit. Becoming exactly to what they protest.

Even without the education, without the etiquette, without the moral's, without the ethics...without the history. A generation of force feeders, and bowel down kingdom's of violence.
Creed and confiscation, deception and coercion. These traits that have attired these people into representing the worse possible ways of civility and social behavior. An erupting society within erupting ways, that shatter all ties and sear through values and loyalty.
These ways and tides into where this current state of humanity, is choking the ranks of civility...and when in true face, resemble the exact beast the rumbles inside of them. 

The scarce and foul animals, that wish to take all reigns and live as free beings, meritless with all boundaries and materials for themselves. A world full of kings, yet no workers. Neandrathalic beasts wanting to hold all things and never to share, for the foundry of land is belonging to them. As their merit to war, is merit for socilization and civility. A nothing. To where even their war is weak, and incapable of winning. Men portraying warriors, when even the smallest sight of a young girl can scare them. Women pretending to be the widest queens on earth, when even the slightest mustache will cause them to flee.
An assimilation of thought, a cord of manipulative and deceptive beings, not even smart enough to realize and see themselves. As peasants, degenerates, bigots, scavengers and worse.
As to where what has happened with the apparent worth of money, material and all things...has de-evaluated to the worth of one. In heart, spirit and tender flesh.
As to where, the forgotten mistake is to understand that the rich at heart can exist without much material or money,  for they have all riches within themselves and their minds.
Their hearts invaluable, their minds priceless...without any robe or trinket...
To survive and live within a world, full of riches...without doun. 

This is true value. Beyond money and economics.
Yet the small of heart, the poor of conduct, the weak of mind do not understand this.
For they will fight anyone and anything they believe to be holding grasp above them, any hierarchic law or monarchy of patriarchs, for they are to null to believe in their own freedom.
Desiring the ultimate devour of cape fear. The Sodom and tear of an anarchich world.
For a poor soul will never know suffice, even when socialistic democracy hand's him life and opportunity on a platter.

All due mathematics, is any law, and the law of relativity to scheme it.
A 1 is only 1 when one can realize it. A 2 is a 2 if one can see it.
A 4 is 4 when one can count it, and a 5 is a handfull when set sought.

Mathematics are beneath economy, for it is built from me and you, the people...and their reign of earth.
To the best of their worth and value.

For one can always say "$2.99 for Cocoa milk?! Thats too much!" to the other that says "$500 if a skirt for my wife? Is far to cheap...I will spend more" .

The best merit of value,...within the man and women themselves.
That is what shapes economy.

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